So, what kind of string do you use?

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Lol, I was born and raised in Texas. I’m just a black sheep I guess :roll_eyes:

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Totally agree. We have almost the same experience with spinning lol


Lol that’s more like Oklahoma than Texas


Just want to throw out I’m anti nylon… Generally. I promised to test some and I’m swallowing my bias, but I generally avoid it, and I never make all nylon. It is fickle and hard to keep even. I feel like I’m sculpting a bag of mashed potatoes when I make nylon string. I do applaud people who make the stuff with even coils.


Most people do nylon blends not pure nylon as far as I know.


OOOOHHHH… See back in the day it felt like people pushed pure nylon. I tried that, and I was a no. I also tried blends and I don’t like making nylon passes. It sticks weird to the poly threads. It’s a nice finished product, but I don’t like working with it to make strings.

Weird followup question anybody ever work with Wooly Poly. I have a spool of it, and I must say that I’m a no on this stuff, but I don’t know how others feel about it.


There are posts earlier in this topic on it, if you wish to read them.

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I’ve seen wooly poly on thread websites, but I’ve never used the stuff. What’s it like?


What’s the current record for longest yoyoexpert forum post? We’ve gotta be getting close. Even the hotdog question was only a little more than half as long as this.

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Well they have those ones that are like what are you throwing in 2018 and what trick are you working on right now that have over a thousand replies


Oh yeah and the “welcome to yoyoexpert” thread. Well there go all me dreams.

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Sorry, fam. It was worth a shot


@andy569 likes it but idk if he’s got any interest in unfinished goods


In my experience, imagine the feel of nylon, but it plays like a bouncy poly string. (like when you first throw you get this weird boing at the end of the string.) It may be good on endurance if mixed with regular poly or something else, but my use of the stuff is limited. I really advise against strings made entirely of wooly Poly, but hey blends may be okay.

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I was considered buying a small spool of it just to test it out a while back, you bringing it up reminded me of it. I might get some just to try. They’re only like five and a half bucks a spool


I find making strings is kinda fun. I’ve made some out of poly, wooly nylon, various blends, and even tried out silk. It’s a satisfying feeling when you successfully make a string. That said - I would never solely use string I made, but that’s more out of laziness and convenience.

I wouldn’t say I have any ‘favorite’ string though. I use a variety of strings on different yo-yos, I just string them up with whatever string I have around and if I like it I use it. Some strings don’t agree with some yo-yos, they don’t feel right, and you can figure that out from the first few throws. On my desk I have different yo-yos strung up with kitty fat, kitty normal, a random wool nylon string, and one with venom. They all work great with whatever yo-yo they’re on.

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This is a really good point, and I totally agree. For example, the wedge that I just got in the mail doesn’t feel quite right with my normal performance blend. It feels much better with a full poly fat string.

I make all of my own strings, mainly because I have the materials and I’m just the kind of person who likes to make the things that I like to use if it’s possible. If I were to consider buying string though, it would probably be something similar to Kitty fat. What is venom like?


Venom is about the same thickness as kitty fat, but has a softer feel and maybe a slightly better weight for whips. Both great strings to check out.

AND we are giving out kitty sample packs right now with orders over $50, so if you’re planning on placing an order anytime soon that’s a good way to try out a variety of Kitty strings.

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oh, I can’t buy any yo-yos for a while. We’re running a little too tight for that right now. That’s a pretty sweet offer though


My go to is kitty 1.5. The first time I bought it and did a whip trick with it I remember thinking that finally my whip looked like whips better players were doing. It is also just the right length for me to play with, so I dont have to cut the string unless I am playing 5A. I also think it lasts a little longer than kitty fat that I have used in the past, but definitely doesnt last as long as premium strings.