So, what kind of string do you use?


Yeah, looks like wooly nylon string. They get real frizzy like that when you cut it.

({John15}) #145

Yep, that’s definitely a textured nylon product. I’d say wooly nylon is a good gander.


Frizzy end = best string confirmed

(Mark) #147

Just make sure you tie a knot before you cut it. Otherwise the string will burst free of its string-like shape! This type of thread is really lively.


ZipLines mostly for me, at the moment. Regs, thick and the business class all seem to find a good match on one throw or another.

I also have Kitty fat on another and kitty XL on a couple that seem to feel better with something pretty thick.
I’d like to try Ammo, but they have been out.
I’ll start checking again.

I may try to spin my own at least a few times. Seems like it might be kind of enjoyable.


At first, like many others I was using Kitty Fat for a long time. Then one friend gave me some Miyo String, and i was blown away. It’s better in every way, unless you don’t like fat string. It’s in between Kitty XL and Fat, and it’s $15 for 100.

Magicyoyo String is also good


#me too… :yum:

(Mathias) #151

Slushy and Business Class Zipline Strings all day for me.

Usually, Oranges, Blues, and White. Oh and Pink. Non neons.


Are the colors the reason you like those varieties? I’ve only tried the performance type, and I like it a lot. Just placed a new order but forgot to try the slushy


Does Zipline produce in too low a quantity to be a vendor in the YYE webstore?


I can’t speak for either, but my guess would yes. The smaller string makers never do well in other web stores. Well, I don’t know if it’s that they don’t “do well” but they never seem to have any real longevity. Seems like it’s easier for them to do their own thing, but even still a lot of them don’t last long. I think it’s mostly a labor of love. I can’t imagine there’s a big financial incentive in boutique string making, but maybe I’m wrong
But speaking specifically of ZipLine, it’s obvious how much they care about their strings as soon as you see the pack



I guess that’s always an issue whenever a prolific youtuber endorses a boutique brand. By the time some newbie sees those videos, that boutique string maker may no longer be making strings. Brandon Vu used to endorse Blueprint (is that what they were called?). Tvelto endorses Zipline. It’s hard to try out a boutique string that someone raves about if it ain’t made no more…

(Mathias) #156

Mix of both, I like the way the business class feels a lot; super chill vibe from them.
But one of my favs are the CoraLine.


Blueprint were the strings made by the yoyo company Werrd, which Brandon was sponsored by.

Werrd was a highly respected yoyo company that was around for years, it just so happens they panned our a few years ago, so their strings went with it. Not exactly the same situation as other boutique string brands (blueprint wasn’t really a boutique string brand anyway, it was a bulk string like kitty and Buddha)

As for actual boutique string brands, @Rosenberg hit it on the head. Any boutique string company that’s not making bulk strings is making them by hand for the most part and it takes a significant amount of time. Many boutique string brands are undeniably better than any of the big bulk options like kitty

However, many boutique string companies derive from a personal passion and interest in making good strings but the amount of labor required to the money received isn’t enough for really any boutique string company to sustain themselves for a long period of time.

The only bulk boutique out there really is YYSL. I wish there were more, or at least one for nylon, but there isn’t.

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I dig some airetic, and some Big Bang string theory. The past couple weeks for string theory just feels right to me, though it takes a while to break in.


That’s my guess. Most of them probably don’t produce the volume needed for a store. It wouldn’t look good to continually be out of stock waiting for the guy to get out another batch.


YYSL seems to fall into a gray area. They are big enough to be on YYE, but their stock doesn’t get updated often. I’ve been waiting for neon yellow Type X’s to be restocked for quite some time.

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@zslane - Good news: Type X, Venom, and Plutonium neon yellow are headed to YYE after the weekend.

Centertrac, flat, ceramic, gold: what's up with those bearings?