Sniffy Conversation Series

Hey everybody. Figure I’d start a new state of sniffy thread being there has been a major development.

Some of you may have caught my mentions of a pretty bad moped accident I was involved in which wrecked my shoulder. Looks like it could be 2 more months until I can throw again.

I floated some ideas on twitter and the forum and the one everyone seems to like is an audio interview series.
The series won’t be so much interviews as it will be casual conversations with players and manufacturers about everything, not just yoyo stuff. It will be a chance for you guys to get to know another side of the players you follow and manufacturers you like.

I’ve started lining up people for the series.
So far confirmed are Paul Dang, Jake from Gsquared, Zammy, the MonkeyfingeR guys.

I have a feeling this will wind up being something really cool that will continue even after I can throw/review again.

It will start some time in February, I’m moving on the 8th so it will be some time after that.

There’s a post on sniffy about the series
Also the conversation about the series is continuing on

Definitely let me know if there’s anyone you’d like to hear from.

I also plan to do some sort of collaboration with my friend Bina - we haven’t figured out what that will be yet.
@Sniffyo on twitter

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It would be cool to hear from Andre! He would be good to interview about YYE stuff, it would give YYE members kind of an inside look of what goes on.

Definitely Andre. Probably no more influential person to anyone on these boards.

The guys from One Drop would be great too since they are enabling so many small companies to get started. Could be a good story on how they balance the needs of the One Drop Yoyo brand versus contract manufacturing for others.

I’m excited to hear from Zammy. Ed Haponik would be a good guest.

I’d love to hear from Tom Kuhn. It’d be interesting to see his take on how far yoyoing has come since the days of the NoJive.

Great idea! In addition to the folks already mentioned, I’d be interested in hearing a conversation with:

David and Shawn of One Drop
Paul Escolar
Bill DeBoisblanc
Spencer Berry
Dale Bell

I agree.

Excellent idea. I’ve never me Ed but I think he’s definitely an important person to include.

We think alike. I contacted both Andre and the one drop guys last night

Oh man. That would be huge. Not only because of yoyo innovation but he’s also an extremely interesting guy. I’ll try to get in touch with him.

Nice. I was going to contact you for it as well. Email me if that’s of interest.

…ahem… Jensen Kimmitt. Caribou Chris. Some other sponsored players, like Harrison Lee, Graeme Stellar, CJ Atkinson, Marcus Koh, Shinji Saito, Zach Gormley, people like that.

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Does DocPop still yoyo?

Chris and Jensen are awesome

Definitely. I emailed Chris today about it.

Andre just confirmed he’ll be participating

It is fun to see the things that you put up.

I can’t wait to see these!


I’m excited too