I know something you don't know :)

Finally after much hunting and decided between Andre and I. i have found a new interviewee…

Who is it?

Come on you guys, after this much time on YYE.com you would think I don’t give it up that easy. I love hype.

So here is how this will work…

I saw some X pictures on the thread I started…

For every 2 people who put up a X picture I will give you 1 clue…

They will start out very vague but the more pics you give the more clues you’ll get…

Cheers :slight_smile:


Ooh! Fun

Give us the first clue!




OK first clue.

It’s a HE.

Now, no reusing old photos.

And for those of you who have X’d it up in the past check out www.myspace.com/yinthrows

I made a folder just for you guys!


So we can’t use photos from the X it up post?

If we can:




dang!!my camera is being burrowed but i guess yin is interviewing samad,docrobot or jayyo lol

I think it’s Samad.

bet its Andre.

I bet it’s Zach.

Addment: Yup.

Nope. not me. Yin hasn’t talked to me about it at all.

I believe He Already interviewed Andre


i do not have my camra on me so for now i will post a pic of my dog wishing she had fingers so she could post an x picture. maybe yin will count it lol. (lol this realy is my dog) (her name is scruffy) :smiley:

Zach, he’s the only pro that posts here lately other than Andre.

Oh yeah, him too.

But JonRob doesn’t post here.

Even though I also think it’s a very high chance of it being Zach, but I could be wrong.

i saw that interview with andre a long time ago, so i dont think that is it…
BUt it would be cool if it was zach

This feels like a method to get us to X it up. Very Clever

Thanks! :slight_smile:

So far you are failing. But i’ll help by saying I have no idea who Zach is…

So maybe try finding someone new to guess :slight_smile:


No idea who Zach is?!

On the other hand, I need to get a picture up soon.

Hey didn’t Samad post 2 more pic? When are you gonna give another clue? Later.

Keep it spinning™