Favorite Unsponsored player?

Mine is these two guys:

Trent Knighton:

and Jesse Christe:

Ryan Perez



i like trent knighton he is amazing i would have said jayyo but that has recently changed

jesse christe is sponsored by Vs Newton

Hmm, not sure.

Maybe the next guy who posts I like the most.

YAY! and i wouldve said josh yee but…

Yuuki Spencer

…and Jensen Kimmitt where ever he is.

Isnt Yuuki sponsored by YYF

not anymore! where have you been? jk lol ;D


I’d say Gavin lent, but…
I’d say Drew but…


me, myself and i. but seriously yuuki is awesome.

Probably Ray Godefroid

My bud, Kyle.

Jensen Kimmitt.

And thanks yougins. That means alot.

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Connor Scholten

I agree, that Trent Knighton video is sick. Nice style. :wink:

Andrew Robinson.

Shane Karan

I believe Connor is sponsored by yoyoguy (or at least was).