Favorite Unsponsored player?

Not anymore, haha, and I’d have to say Michael Stecz and Michael Kurti, their skills are insane, Michael Stecz got 2nd at MER in 1A, then made semi’s at Worlds, he also got Junior Player of the year award at U.S. Nats 2011 and Michael Kurti got 2nd at NER and has placed higher than many big names multiple times. Both have a great attitude too.

I was just going to post that same video. He’s really good.

jensen. the best. i don’t think he will come back but he did make a great exit. the first post those two videos those guys were GREAT. really fluid and unique in the first video.

Why did he leave?

Micheal Stecz or Dennis Shatter

Ky Zizan all day.

The man’s brilliant.

Michael Stecz and Chase Baxter.

I think we should give previoulsy sponsored players out of this, and focus on those who have never had a sponsor. As for my say, chase baxter and keiran cooper.

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Oh yeah, Michael Kurti is really good also.

Paulo Bueno and Michael Kurti. They have awesome flow and tricks.

Paolo Bueno is sponsored by YYF.

My friend Adam Spencer. http://vimeo.com/37133594

Pretty certain Gavin got picked up by Werrd.

Yeah Ryan Perez, Jensen, and Kieran Cooper.

Taichiro Higashi

Mine are pretty standard.

Tyler Severance, John Ando, John Narum, Grant Johnson, Ian Johnson, Eric Tranton

They all need to get picked up.

Doesn’t really count, but I don’t think Yuuki Spencer is “officially” sponsored by anyone right now…

So I’d say Yuuki.

Aren’t they all YYF and YYJ members?

How dare you?

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