Top 10 best unsponsored players?

So lately ive been seeing alot of skill in the yoyo world with unsponsored players. And i just wanna see who’d you say would be the top 10?

me = number 10(idk sounded good)

hahaha okay

josh yee is one


Definitely Mark Mangarin

6: Me!! I wish.
5:Ernest Kahn
4: Jared Verrati(i think hes still unsponsored)
3: Mark Mangarin
2:Josh Yee
1:Malcom Chiu

I only got 6 haha


Michael Stecz!!!

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Mark Mangarin
Malcolm Chiu
Connor Scholten

Just sayin.

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well im probably like at number 1…5…87ish

Ahhh dang it i totally forgot about Connor! Yeah he is soo good.

Matej Hatala

Definitely Connor Shoelten is one of the best that is not apart of something.
Its mind boggling what he can do.

you guys should know that connor scholton is sponsored by infinite illusions. unless somethings changed in the few months since i’ve left the company.

i’d like to see uri gottschalk get picked up by a company. that kid can play 5a with the best of them

Jared Verratti by far. :wink:

Yeah but to me there is a difference between a store sponsor and a Yoyo company sponsor. This is not the days of Extremespin.

So what company did he get picked up by? I hope it is Duncan.

sam ungerer carter bliss and corey hendon

VIVO TASIS should be sponsored. a.k.a Protothoricy!

I know the best no doubt is Eli Maulfair. I wonder if anyones heard of him, but hes quite amazing.