(Jerrod) #1



1.jensen kimmitt
2.harold owens III
3.Anthoney rojas
4.chase hadden
5.Armani G-W
6.gavin lent
7.guy wright
8.chuck haycock
9.zack gormley
10.Alec campbell

  1. Danny Severance
  2. Whip
  3. Ky Zizan
  4. Sebastian Brock
  5. Joey Fleishman
  6. Johnny DeValle
  7. Palli
  8. Zach Gormley
  9. Charles Haycock
  10. Mikhail Tulabut

(Owen) #4
  1. Graeme Steller
  2. Augie Fash
  3. Jensen Kimmmmmit
    4-10. all plymouth yoyo club represtentitives!

  1. Jensen’s kimmitt
  2. Sebastian Brock
  3. Ernest Kahn
  4. Augie fash
  5. Yuuki spencer
  6. Harold owens III
  7. Andrew maider
  8. AJ Kirk
  9. Petr kavka
  10. Tessa piccilo


1.Drew Tetz
2.Jensen Kimmit
3.Janos Karancz
4.Steve Brown

Those are the ones that stand out to me the most, and I appreciate everything they’re done for the community.


In no particular order…

André Boulay (he is definitly first though)
Ed Haponik
Takihiro Iizuka
Ryota Ogi
Janos Karancz
Guy Wright
Augie Fash
Tyler Severance
Yuji Kelly

(Alex Fairhurst) #8

I love these threads!

  1. Petr Kavka
  2. Palli
  3. Jason Lee
  4. Guy Wright
  5. Yuji Kelly
  6. Yuuki
  7. Jensen
  8. Darrell Mitchell
  9. Alexis JV
  10. Tomas Bubak


1.John Narum
2.Ian Johnson
3.Augie Fash
4.Ben Conde
5.John Ando
6.Paul Han
7.Tyler Severence
8.Jensen Kimmit
9.Hank Freeman
10.Guy Wright

In NO particular order ;D


In no order,
John Ando
Tyler Severance
Daniel Dietz
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Luis Enrique
Ben Conde
Sebastian Brock
Benson Fok
Paul Han
Andre Boulay


Then… Wow… Still so many great players… I’ll leave the last spot open in respect to the others I can’t fit in the ten but respect so much.


In no particular order aswell…

1.Brent Dillinger
2.Grzegorz Wójcik (Plamek)
3.Sebastian Brock
5.Jason Lee
6.Guy Wright
7.Johnny DeValle
8.Mikhail Tulabut
9.Tyler Severance
10.Steve Brown

keeping it at 10 is hard and in all fairness does not do justice for the amount of people that have influenced me.


Christopher Chia, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Guy Wright, Danny Severance, Shawn Renfroe, Drew Tetz, Rei Iwakura, Kohta Watanabe, John Narum and of course the venerable K-Strass !


In the order I thought of them:
-Jensen Kimmitt
-Harold Owens III
-Peter Pong Si Yee
-Bryan Figueroa
-Gentry Stein
-Ben Conde
-Hank Freeman
-Marcus Koh
-Shinya Kido
-Hiroyuki Suzuki


I’m surprised not as many people said Zammy. He’s definitely one of my most influential yoyoers. I also really like Guy Wright and Hiroyuki Suzuki. Two completely different styles, but both are awesome.


Any combination of 10 yoyoers. Anyone who yoyo’s fits in my top ten.

Special mention to a few though.

Adam Brewster - Such creativity
Dan Ikler - Same
Tanner Moss - Same

If you guy’s could see what Tanner is working on right now you’d flip…


I cant name 10. But I am truly amazed by Hiroyuki Suzuki.

(SR) #18

Jensen Kimmitt
Guy Wright
Yuuki Spencer
Anthony Rojas
Zach Gormely
Augie Fash
Paul Kerbel
James Reed
Paolo Bueno
Chase Hadden

(Jerrod) #19


(Zammy Ickler ) #20

I always look at these kind of questions in a different type of light. When I think of my favorite players, I think of it not because of their trick/style abilities, but because of the friendships/mutual respect I have for said players.

This is a top ten, of no specific order.

  1. Augie Fash.
  2. Gentry Stein.
  3. John Narum
  4. Fajar Siddiq
  5. Gavin Lent.
  6. JD steel.
  7. Adam Brewster
  8. Pong Si Yee
  9. Alex Curfman
  10. Eric Tranton

There is obviously tons of others and I respect each and every one of them.