Favorite Player?


Mine is probably Keiran. What’s yours?

(InvaderDust) #2

Charles Haycock is one the top tiers for me.

(Jacob Waugh) #3

2 Tie: Connor Seals/Andrew Maider
3 Yuki Nishisako/Chandler Steele
4Tyler Vienneau (Flowy)/ Ricardo Fraolini


Crash Bandicoot all the way

({John15}) #5

Them a-rt boys give me the most inspiration.

I know they’ve got a lot of really techy stuff, but I mainly draw inspiration from their mad flows. They make the ordinary extraordinary.


jensen haha

(Cross Tolliver) #7

Andrew Maider is probably the cutest

(Ken) #8
  1. Kieran Cooper
  2. Arata Imai
  3. Takeshi
  4. Andrew Maider
  5. Colin Beckford
  6. Ryuichi Nakamura
  7. Paul Harness
  8. Jakub Plader
  9. Polo
  10. Evan Nagao

(Jeffrey) #9

Yusuke Otsuka
that guy is a true artist

(Ken) #10

Is he still active?


Jenny Kim for sure. His flow with fixed axle is next level! Charles, Yuuki and Riccardo all tie for a close second.

(Gethin) #12

omg winner of the 2020 world yoyo contest you heard it here first.


1 Takeshi Matsuura
2 Zach Gormley
3 Tyler Vienneau
4 Ayumu Harada
5 Peter Pong
Probably forgetting some…


Right now it’s gotta be Yuki Nishisako. Really liking Ryuichi Nakamura lately too

(Tyler) #15

Nate Dailey, Alex Hattori, Chandler Steele, Takeshi Matsuura, Rei Iwakura

(Zakai) #16

I like them all. I think Polo plays the best, though.


Probably the wrong answer, but since I started watching his YouTube first, I’d say Brandon vu.

(Zakai) #18

Brandon actually participated in 2015 worlds I believe.

(Mash Mastar) #19

I really don’t have a favorite player. I take a little bit from everyone big or small. It is not enough to be good at one thing in this day & age. I think a lot of the players mentioned do not put their true potential to the test. There are also a lot of over privileged players out there letting their gifts go to waste. There is nothing worse than a wasteful person. Comfort is the enemy of every living being.

(Jacob Waugh) #20

I am so sorry, I forgot Tony Sec, what is wrong with me?