Small eXpert change.

(JM) #1

With the recent influx of spam in the chat, and I mean there’s a lot of it…

I would like to see eXperts given moderator privileges in the chat room. DrYoYo can’t be in there all the time, and I don’t see Andre in the chat…well…ever.

I know that we can report the member to the moderators, but it would be nice for the eXperts to have the ability to ban someone from the chat for a period of time if it’s deemed necessary by their judgement.

I know this might present the problem of them abusing the power, but I believe Andre’s choices are all good ones and they would understand the responsibility.


Agreed so much!.


I would rather have Jason be a mod automatically…

What? :stuck_out_tongue:

(SR) #4

Agreed 100%! What is with the spam in the chat lately? And it’s not just the chat, it’s the forums too. cough* xako *cough

BTW, JM and/or Samad would make a great mod.


cough SR cough

(SR) #6

You fail. I don’t spam.

(JackG) #7

yeah yeah shut up

(SR) #8

Well, it’s true.


I hope you realize that was random…

(SR) #10

Random as in “LOL JK?”


Random as in…;u=1307

(SR) #12

Haha, you mean random took over Xako’s account or something?


Yes. They are borthers.

(SR) #14

Okay. He shouldn’t spam though. I think we should just get back to the matter at hand.


SR, you have been permanently burned into my mind as one of the spammers in the forum. Not in the chat, but in the forum itself. You post so many posts that are completely unnecessary, and it annoys the heck out of me. Post like “I agree” and “Yep” make me irritate. At that point, I usually log off as to not do anything I would regret.

(JM) #16

Stop hijacking my thread please!

(SR) #17

Well excuse me for living, Samad. I don’t really know how to take that. :-[ :-\

(Infinite Chaos) #18

Honestly dude, i think you need to chill. Who cares if someone says yep?! Seriously, whats the big deal? Its not like we’re all trying to see how many posts we can put into our profile or that we’re trying to spam. Its just a conversation. :stuck_out_tongue:

oops, Sry JM


I think Pheenix and I are the only active chat eXperts, so I think Pheenix should have this power.

Lets move this to PMs.

Actually… ima make a thread :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be awesome if a good person was chosen to be a chat room mod. Or people instead of person. It would help a ton.