Skewer me if you like but its my opinon

Turning Point prices are just plain Offensive… ya ya i dont care if its a currency conversion or whatever you want to call it … oh the dollar is weak blah blah.

Isotope - 260
Leviathan 4B - 260
Leviathan - 190
Basilisk - 172
RT - 172

Won’t get my money. :wink:

Have a nice day

Yea, definitely overpriced but those are some insane throws… The yoyo lives up to the price

Yeah, they are overpriced. So I am going to buy the Anglam instead. ;D

Nobody is forcing anyone to buy anything.

Problem solved. Bank account intact.

Then again, what do I know? I just dropped $5K on audio gear and will be neglecting yoyos for a couple of months(mostly).

I’m gonna go get another Anglam soon.

I figured that when the Yen started weakening, we’d see ALL Japanese companies start dropping their prices, but it’s pretty much just been YYR.

Sure they’re fine yoyos, I’ve owned a couple Max Bets and Leviathans as well as a Positron, but I definitely don’t think they’re worth what they cost. The only reason I acquired them is thanks to some strategic trading.

Well let’s talk about the dazzler for a second. $650? No. That’s offensive.


I bet you wouldn’t feel that way if you played it :wink: they should do a titanium with steel or brass rings…

I felt no pain in the $160 for my Basilisk (worth every penny) and I bet they will sell.

I doubt its 4x better than chief, or even 2x better than an anglam :wink:

I have no doubt in my mind that it is a fantastic YoYo. YYR makes great throws, but a YoYo should not cost that much. Period. I understand titanium cost more to machine, but I know for a fact that it is not more than triple the cost to machine a Ti YoYo. Therefore it should not be triple the price to purchase one.

I agree, the prices are outrageous. Nobody’s telling us to buy them, and if you want a good throw you don’t really have to fork out more than 70 dollars. It’s not the most expensive throw that will get you results, it’s your skill.

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Turning Point is and has been my favorite. The price does hurt but a little but its only money!

steel is lighter than Ti, if you want something exotic as weight rings on Ti you are basically left with Tungsten and not much else

FYI, steel has a density of 70-80% MORE than titanium, not less…


This. Let’s face it, many times higher priced throws are of a higher quality. More thought out, nicer looking, unique designs, higher precision and testing. However, throws like the Isotope and 4B are not overly priced. Producers of similar products such as Oxygene hit a similar price range with their bi-metals. Arguably, YYJ puts out bi-metals around the $120 range, but at that point I would believe they have an advantage in the amount being produced compared to other companies.

Now, do you think CLYW prices are just as offensive? Or do you find their high fetching prices more justifiable?

I tried, but your skin was too thick! :smiley:

Different strokes for different folks. Those aren’t for me, but plenty of people willing to fork out the money so the market is definitely there.

Agree 100%

I doubt that any of those are 10 times as good as a good ol’ MagicYoYo.

Just sayin…


Do people hang out on golf forums and complain about the price of clubs?