If you were to buy one of every yoyo on yye how much do you think it would cost?


The YYR and Turning Point alone would be enough to send most people broke.


Well, Duncan, YYJ, YYF, OD, and CLYW combined makes $9,987.88

OVER 9000! ;D

and this makes me wonder how my grandparents were able to afford a turning point paranoid in Prague for me…

I’m gonna say… $25,000?

I’m not certain but I bet it’s enough that I’d have to smash my piggy bank, and that ain’t going to happen!

On a little tangent: I would like to nominate yuki onitsura and andy569 to add all those prices for us. All in favor say “aye”. ;D

Challenge accepted! Will do this later while the cricket is on in the background or something XD


I guess that’s an “aye.” Where’s andy569? You’re going to need the help!

Nah, probably easier if I just sort this myself. No random overlaps or confusion :wink:

Will be doing prices per company as well. Throws only based on the entire page listings so if there are any special eds or whatever that cost extra, they are not accounted for. This is just whatever is listed on the company’s product page.


You’re the man (with to much time lol)!! :wink:

I got way more excited then I shouldve when u pmed me skitrz :smiley:

That didn’t take quite as long as I thought it would. Okay, in total every throw on YYE will cost drum roll $31,148.32.

Here’s the sheet with the totals for each brand (I’ve excluded beginner kits where the individual throw is available and limited ed/regular eds are counted as a single throw).



Deeem. 30k pls

Sell my car, use my whole savings and I can do this!

Hey you should totally do that! Who needs cars anyways?

Since I am too lazy to count I am going to say ALOT of money.

Hmmm the counting has been done.

It appears that reading is a task for you as well. ::slight_smile:

I wonder how much shipping would be :smiley: really awesome effort, though!

Yes, yes it is.