Silicone Recess FH2

It’s not the cleanest of jobs but it does the trick. It’s my first mod, I used a dremel tool to recess it.

It looks a little wide and a little too close to the bearing seat. A very good first try, I have seen much worse.

I agree with most of that. The width though can be different sizes to change the feel of the play.
I’ve had people request wider and thinner recesses due to their style of play.

Ya, I went to close to the bearing, but I did want it wider just because I was only doing the one side. Either way it still plays great. the silicone is a little worn down from play too. I’ll be changing it out w/in a few more weeks. I also started w/ a bit that was too large and that kind of messed it up. I’m sure the next recess will be a little more cleaned up. Thanks for the constructive criticism guys ;D

Do you have a drill press setup for your dremel or are you doing it free hand?

There’s no way he did it freehand with the cutting bit in the dremel. So either he used a drill-press attachment or spun the yo-yo with the dremel and cut it with a screwdriver or similar tool.

I’ve done it freehand. turned out about like his. I will say it was hard as h…! And I’ll never try it again! lol

Oh yes, this was done free hand ;D

I’m looking into getting the drill press for the dremel so I can make a smoother cut but I am pretty steady w/ my hand.


I knew it!

I am THAT good !! lol

LOL!!! I’m picking up a FHZ sometime between today and the end of the month. I’m going to see if I can get my hands on a press by then, or even go to were I can use a press. I think my step dad has one. Next Yo will be nicer…I hope

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To goggles.

I should get some of those fancy scrubs too, LOL!!!

You know you say that and it made me want to get some to mod in. lol I’m serious too. haha
I’m gonna try to take my lathe to MOYO this hear and I hope to get some scrubs before then. Oh the fun. I love it!

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Ummm. Thats not me. I have no hair! lol I googled that.

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I concur. XminusmikeX, that is an amazing job for being done freehand.

LOL!!! Thanks man ;D I think I might say the heck w/ one of my bills and order myself a FHZ today, then we will see what it will look like using the correct size bit, LOL!