My Mods

This is more for me to see what i’ve done and to have the pics in one place but I would very much appreciate any comments/criticism from some of the experienced modders.

I cant find the pic of my first recess but it was bad lol

2nd recess, done with a drill

3rd recess, done on a Dremel

4th recess, done on a drill

5th recess, done for DYonch on a drill (in my opinion my cleanest yet along with the fh2)

6th recess, done for a kid in my yoyo club (and I cant remember your name lol) done on a wood lathe

Satined M1

M1, Pinstripe done on both sides

I’ve also done a bunch of spiral satins that grind really nice and look good but there is room for improvement in terms of looks.

Single side pad recess, the green made it hard to get a clear pic, done on a wood lathe

All I can say is never use your dremel again. All those others look fantastic. You may be able to get it little closer to the bearing though. But it will still do the job very nicely. Well done.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth recesses all look really well done. Good job.

I looked again and don’t go any closer. They are great!

Yea I haven’t used the dremel again lol. I was nervous with the right side of the fh2 because i thought it was a bit too thin, and doing it free hand, even with a wood lathe, the hardest part is the first cut and getting it in the right spot

Love’n these!!! Did you do the Dremel freehand or w/ a press? I have the press an love it, my new recesses come out nice w/ the press. All in all great work.

Everything was done freehand

My first FH2 I modded was freehand w/ a dremel and much worse than any of these, LOL!!! I have a press now for my dremel and the recess comes out nice and smooth.

Would like to see more from you! Nice mods.

Got another FHZ at the store today and did a single side pad recess. I’ll have pics up tonight when I get back to school. This is the first FHZ I’ve done a single side pad recess on and I actually like it much better than my sili recessed ones. Right now I’ve got a textured Gen-pad in it.

fhz pics up

The latest FHZ looks beautiful. Great job on that recess.

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I love love LOVE the pinstriped M1!

Pretty beastly I must say.