I was wondering if anyone could have a simple explanation for doing a sili recese or a pad recese without a lathe (videos would be nice)

Any feedback will help thanks

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I believe you answer is here


Could you recess with a dremel? With the right attachment of course.


A Dremel will probably work but it may not have enough power to avoid a stall while cutting. Just an opinion on my part.


i use to recess w/ a dremel some years back. here’s some pics:

the setup worked well ‘nough, but nothin’ beats a lathe. however, it is possible.

i would recommend goin’ w/ a variable speed corded dremel. and recess gradually, try to avoid just cuttin’ into the yo yo.




Ahh yes. That works. I was thinking about chucking it on the dremel, as in a cheapo lathe setup. Using a jig to guide with a cutter is acceptable, but takes some care and skill.


Wow. Really interesting thread. I still have no desire myself to do these mods, but they are certainly more accessible. Who knows how many future modders may crop up as a result. What’s equally exciting is how many new “great” modders may be created!