What mods can you do with a dremel?

Anyone know?

Are you mounting the yoyo in the dremel or attacking it with the bits?

I could do both. Just got a dremel for my b day.

Most I have been doing with my dremel is using it to polish. I did get rid of a burr (on nut for the axel) on that dingo you traded me with one. Probably won’t do much for recessing or reshaping due to torque.

Depends entirely on what you do with the dremel. If you mount the yoyo in the chuck/collet, you can do silicone recesses, satins and polishes, schmoove rings, and even reshapes if you’re good. I’ve even heard of people making a pulley tip for their Dremel tool and mounting it as a miniature lathe motor, in which case you can do just about anything.

That would be my impression as well. Even for polishing I’d mount it in a drill rather than a Dremel.

Dremels are designed as a small, intricate hand tool. Use them for drilling, grinding or polishing small areas that require some exacting moves.

My first mods were done on a dremel. First mod I ever did was sanding down the starburst and cutting an O-ring groove (before ppl used silicone) on a Patriot with it mounted in the dremel and using a mini screwdriver to cut the recess. I in no way recommend doing this but it can be done. But note I only did like 3-4 yoyos this way.

I sanded and sili recessed one of my throws with my dremel…Very Carefully, of course, but still came out decent. It is possible, but start with yo-yos you don’t mind losing, like Duncan Mosquitoes for now.

Yeah, I’ve recessed a yoyo with a dremel…and created a weird response system that works pretty well by accident. I’ve used my friends before.

i think you could make your yoyo smaller. :wink:

I mainly use my dremel to polish. However, if you get the polishing kit, there is a thick grey cloth thing that is really excellent for de-burring string cutting yoyos.