Trans FHZ Recess (for DYonch)

Normally I wouldn’t post a recess I did for myself but I’m VERY happy with this one I did for DYonch. I did the recess with a drill and 3 tools (one for roughing, one for cutting the sides of the recess, and one that leaves a nice finish for the final cuts) I made. Comments are appreciated.

And DYonch, I’ll do the other half tomorrow :slight_smile:

Oh my hotdogs. That is clean. I would so pay for a recess that clean.


Did you do your FHZ on the drill or on your lathe?


Can you do schmooves on your lathe too?

ive gotta get my lathe outta the old house and do a recess before i start doing other stuff

I did this crazy highwall on my FH2 just using a drill, a razorblade, anda sharpened screwdriver. Drills are really useful.

Talk to these guys.

did the other half, it turned out better than the half in the pic, just waiting for the sili to dry

Very Nice Tyler.

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finished with sili in it

You might want to remove the sticker lip. IMHO it looks better without it. The recess itself is a thing of beauty.

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well David (DYonch) wanted me to leave the lip but if it were mine I wouldve taken it off.

And I really appreciate the compliments from you and Icthus, being experienced (and awesome) modders it really means alot coming from you guys

Credit is given where credit is due.

How did you make the tools? And what are they? Pics of the tools?

i used a bench grinder and for the tools, a screwdriver, old drill bit, and a piece of scrap steel i found laying around the shop.

If you need any extra information, please read through the comments.

If there is something else you need to know, feel free to ask.

skip, i did mine in a much more controlled way, although the way in the vid will give you good results with practice

ERm… I’m using a sharpened nail to cut, but it isn’t… it just isn’t making a groove. I’ve tried for a couple minutes, and the groove is just a little feelable… around the depth of a sewing thread…

a nail isnt hard enough steel to hold a good edge, make it out of a screwdriver or old sawzall or jigsaw blade