recessing fhz

I know there is already a thread about this but I was confused on some of the parts so is there a video on how to do this?

do you have any specific questions?
It’s a pretty simple process.

when you start to cut the yoyo is the drill already spinning or do you set up the tool against the plastic and then start cutting and turning it off every couple seconds to wipe off the chips on the tool

The drill should already be spinning. You shouldn’t really have to turn it off to wipe off chips.

When I first did it, I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, and just freehanded the cut. While it did make a useable recess, it looked pretty sloppy.
I don’t remember what all the thread about it said, but you’ll want some kind of a tool rest (2x4, or just something sturdy enough so the tool won’t bounce around.), and you want to keep the drill stationary. You’re basically making a makeshift lathe.

This is essentially what you want to be doing, just you’re not going to recess all the way to the center. (starting at about 1 minute, going to about 1:07 ish.)

You anchor your tool on your rest, then bring it into the piece. And you want to cut at around the equator line.

If you want, I can probably make a video showing it. I don’t have a fhz to recess, but I could make a video of the basic set up and everything.

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Also make sure you drag the cutter rather than point it into the rotation.

--------------> \

Rotation cutter
direction orientation

It’s a scraping operation.

Have you looked at this: How to get great recesses with a drill

Or this:

Skip does it right.


my only problem with how skip does it is the lack of a tool rest, as well as how he starts on the wrong side (which I guess doesn’t really matter if you’re not using a rest?), which would usually result in a sloppy looking recess, as well as added risk (there’s not a big risk in this case, but cutting down at an angle like that, and not using a rest increases the chance that the piece can rip the tool out of your hand and send it flying somewhere). His recess will work entirely adequately, but it’s not the best way to do it, and I wouldn’t really say he does it right. The thread you linked though is almost exactly what I was trying to describe in my last post.

I wish I still had my fhz, I would post pics of what my less than perfect recess looked like.

A tool rest is preferred, but you’re much less likely to have the tool grab if you drag it:

--------------> \ (yes)

Rotation cutter
direction orientation

Holding it the opposite direction will surly grab it.

--------------> / (no)

Rotation cutter
direction orientation

my only worry is that when I take the tool out to clean off the shavings when I come back in the tool is going to scrape the inner walls and make it all uneven

I don’t think that’s been a concern for others. Just use some care going back in.

Well, here is a pic of me less than perfect recess looks like:

It does the job, but that dont mean it gotta look purty while doin it. Did it yesterday by mahself. Pretty proud.

do you fill the recess up to the top with silicone or do you leave it a little bit from the top?

what I do is fill it over the top, then use a spoon to remove excess.

like that