Show your favorite old school CLYW throw

Old CLYW is where my heart lays. I was blessed with getting a OG 28 stories Sasquatch pictured below. I’ve always loved the power the Sasquatch has. It may be a tad heavy for some and lack that float, but for my laid back chill style, it is perfect.

Feel free to post a picture of your favorite and say a few words as to why you love it.


I remember buying a Hulk Smash Bear Vs. Man…

Nostalgia. Wonder where that beauty ended up 20 years later hhahaha


These are my oldest and rarest.

Small bearing Bassalope, Canvas, original Yeti, and Campfire.


I’ve also had the pleasure of playing a BvM, OG Yeti and Campfire. Never got lucky enough to play a Canvas or Bassalope.

The one that got away for me was a Wooly Marmot 2 and a Maple Drip Peak.


I want another Glacier Express so bad but I haven’t been able to find one in a colorway I don’t hate (Yogi is so gross to me, sorry…)

CLYW colorways are super hit or miss for me, but everything about that yoyo just hits almost everything for me. Hard H shapes are just a favorite for me and massive undercuts and dual rims are two of my favorite design trends.

For some people it’s a Peak or a Chief that they’d list as an all time favorite yoyo, for me it’s the Glacier Express. (somebody please sell me one in a decent colorway :pleading_face:)

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I got to try quite a few older CLYW (and other stuff) at the One Drop factory. When I went I had actually just got my Canvas that’s pictured and mentioned it to Shawn and David. Then they opened the CLYW drawer and there’s 3 Canvas’s sitting right next to the 28 Stories Peak, lol.

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little banged up but still beautiful


I’ve got a super vibey Gnarwhal lol


BvM was always it for me. Higby Campfire also a fun lil gem.


Pretty split between Chiefs and Avalanches. Ava holds a special place because it introduced me to the Jack Rabbit colorway.

I don’t have any recent pictures so here’s a dump of my old CLYWs.


Your memory may be playing tricks on you, I don’t think there was ever a production run of Hulk Smash BvMs.

The OG BvM was probably my favorite. Probably not as good as a player as others but something about it always appealed to me. Here’s a pic of a couple Lodge throws I used to have.


Gonna be the cliff for me, love the shape


Peak and 2014 Sasquatch are my favorites. Gnarwhal, Gnarwhal 2 and original Puffin are also favorites.

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The Summit. I just love how balanced it is.


BvsM. Owned plenty of them, sadly do not have any currently. Hoping to obtain a few of them this year.



Patiently waiting for that Peak picture so I can slide in the DMs and offer the pink slip to my car, lol.

Beautiful throws everyone.

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It’s hard to choose a favourite old CLYW but these three are all contenders.

Iron Man Peak, FG Team edition Wooly Marmot and FG 28 stories Chief. I think the WM has probably been thrown the most and even though I have another one in better condition this one is my favorite.

An honorable mention to my OG styled Peak 2.


no kidding bro? I never tried this shape but I love ur opinion on throws. I’ma have to try!

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Heres my current clyw. Not all old sorry but it’s my only pic. I had a 28s og squatch that was My main thang until I got a raw chief and never looked back. Got back into throwing 5/2020 and first thing I hunted down was the 28s squatch and chief

Shout out galactic goose tho