Show Off Your Playmaxx/Proyo

How do I get that :stuck_out_tongue:

The year is 1999. My brother moves away from SoCal to AZ for work in a famed yoyo museum. While there he trades god remembers what for this. One half appears GITD but isn’t, its just the plastic used. It is the only one of its kind I’ve ever seen and is the best playing BEE GT in my collection.


Here’s the ultimate Isotope D2O. I opened this one to photograph for my store all those years ago. When I was done, put it in a ziplock bag and tossed it back into the boxes.

It’s developed this very cool patina over the years. These were generally dark green and bronze looking. The inside of the halves are closer to the original color. Now look at the colors … almost full spectrum … all over the body of the yo-yo.

David Hall
The Yo-Yo Collector



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cold fusion time


All these years later and I never posted my Playmaxx stuff in this thread. Sorry @mrciurleo

I have a ridiculous amount of stuff in storage from Proyo 1 to rare Bee GTs to Isotopes, mostly from a big deal I did ages ago with Matt Carter. I initially got into collecting Proyo/Playmaxx stuff because I was in my early teens toward the end of the late 90s boom and couldn’t afford the finer things and nostalgia is a heck of a drug. Also, the internet was rough back then and convincing my parents to order me yoyos from Dave’s site would have been an ordeal of its own. I just wanted to collect rare Bee GTs and Cold Fusions, but ended up with so much more. Hoping to one day take a picture of all of it, and then hopefully find a new home for most of it. I cherish my Bee GTs and Crow’d Fusion, but have so much more that has 0 sentimental value to me and that I will never play with or look at.


Let’s see it.


Glad you’re back :slight_smile:

This thread is still fairly active and I’m sure a lot of people (including myself) would love to see what you have tucked away.

What I have from Playmaxx. The red bumblebee is nothing special, just put together from Vid-e-Yo’s. Wish I would have kept them and not played Dr. Frankenstein with them.