Odd Playmaxx from museum store

Found two of these in a box from 1999 from Proyo museum store . I forgot I had them. Do you know anything about them? Probably a promo to dealers or something.

Seen red GT halves but never this way. DH

image image


I tried to call the phone number, but the phone number has been disconnected.
A google search of the number came up with a site that sells Yamaha Waverunners.


Xtreme Powersports
Route 9
Kinderhook,NY 12106

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i’d seen a couple pop up lately, they are very rare as i understand… i don’t know how much of what i read was true, but actually… there’s a similar one on ebay right now with a description… here just checkit…

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Yes, but the standard Killer Bee is dark brick red and standard, not GT. And has killer bee logo both sides. This one is GT, butterfly shape.

That promo logo on the back would be Playmaxx’s old number in in 1999 !!!



the plot thickens!


Found this on their old site…this might be some sort of promotional item?

I’m just throwing out random ideas here.


Tired of giving away pens, pencils and pocket calendars to your customers to show them your appreciation? These are just a few of the AdYos ™ that we do every year for companies just like yours. Does your present giveaway shout “You are one of my best customers. To show my appreciation, here is a fifty cent pen with my company name on it.”? Wouldn’t you rather give them something with your full color logo that is actually a high performance yoyo (over 500 people competed with them at last years National YoYo Competition). Over 10,000,000 ProYo IIs sold in the last two years alone.

Go “High Tech”. Go “High Performance”. Go ProYo.

Call 1-877-GO PROYO today and order yours .

For more information, contact: Tom@Playmaxx.com

or call (877)-GO PROYO Toll free

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You are correct…

is the same as…

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If this story is true that’s nuts. I find it hard to believe though.


tell ya what man, i’ve picked up throws with random weird backstories for the sake of… @yoyodave42 solved the mystery of this one as a matter of fact

Help w/ yoyo ID, wooden fixie with unique history