I have some yoyos for sale.......

Hey there, my name is Chris and I just joined this website, I have been a longtime yoyoer and started when proyo was the thing around. I live in Tucson, Az. and ever since the playmaxx center was gone it just isnt the same. so here are the yoyos…
Killer Bee by Playmaxx(could only be won by winning the highest level contest, second place won a 100-200 bundle of strings, and so on…)won it at the Playmaxx training center here in Tucson, Az. where i live!(before duncan bought playmaxx and it was shut down)-mint condition-never used-$35 w/ shipping
Black Darkmagic(regular large bearing)-excellent condition-$25
Black Menhune by Buzz-on(regular large bearing)-excellent condtion-$25
Good and Evil 2 #239 of 500 original run-excellent condtion-$50-----SOLD-----reflects on my other yoyos
light Blue speeder(regular large bearing)-excellent condition-$25
Red and black heavy gravity(regualr bearing)-excellent condtion-$15
All Black Anti-Yo Fluchs in package-excellent condition-$50----SOLD-----reflects on my other yoyos
24 kt Gold plated Proyo Ace(from Tom VanDan Elzen)Mint in Package, never used! 1 of only 50 made-$45
(very collectable indeed)

My email is ck3575@hotmail.com…I hope that you guys are interested in the yoyos, I am the orginal owner of all of them and they all are in good working condition. Now, these are the prices without shipping, so if you just figure and add in about 5 dollars, should be good! Just email if you would like any of the yoyos. Lower prices in order to try and pay rent so…lol =0) anyway, Thank You
-Chris Kruger

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I just figured I would reply to my own post because no one else did…so…but yeah, I am willing to negotiate on prices and so please get at me, Thank You =0) -Chris

PM’d you :slight_smile:


ignore this post. O_O

ignore this post… =0(???


Cause it was for 3575, but he sent me an email.

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