Show Off Your Playmaxx/Proyo


There is very little talk about the old playmaxx/proyo stuff from the boom. Admittedly, the yoyos range from 14-17 years old. I know there are a few collectors out there, and I’d love to see your stuff! People forget how these yoyos helped pave the way for everything we have today.

Here is the one I started searching for last October. Ten months later:

A Crow’d Fusion Nucleus. This was inspired by Matt Carter, or Scarecrow, who was a big part of the company back in the day. I’ve heard 10-13 were made.

Gap Shot:

I also have a few Aces, one gold plated, the other chrome, both still in the package.

At some point I’d like to pick up one of the powdercoated GT’s, but unfortunately they’re few and far between.

What do you all have?


No one? Here’s another.


I will post some more pictures after the holidays.

Spoke with Tom tonight, definitely a blast from the past.


New addition, Isotope-1.


Three from my collection.  The video features Cold Fusion with Cold Fusion at the beginning and end (NorthStar is in the middle).The red one is signed by Woodstock folksinger Arlo Guthrie.  The blue one is really old.


Collective Edition Cold Fusion GT


I don’t have any original Playmaxx yo-yos, sadly, but I admire your totally cool-looking Crow’d Fusion Nucleus!

Also, what are the physical measurements and the weight of the yo-yo?


Yes, those are black leather pogs on that Ultimate Proyo.


@mrciurleo What do you make of this?

Not a GT style fusion yet one side says GT.


That’s really cool. It’s much rarer than a regular just for being a Collective Edition and moreso because, I’m guessing, it was an engraving tester. There was no solid colored Collective Edition CF in this shape and color. The Collective Edition Cold Fusions we’re black/gold or solid blue. Not having the caps on the hub make me think it’s a tester of some sort even more.


Thanks Matt. I thought maybe something like that as well.

(shubham) #12

Best 2a yo-yo i ever had.