Selling Lot of yoyos together for GOOD Price!(Dark Magic-Speeder-Menehune-X-Con)

Hi there, I have been yoyoing for some time and have come to a heads. I need money to pay bills and live in the world and so I have to sell these yoyos. The yoyos are as follows: 1 black Dark Magic by Yoyojam(still in excellent quality, no flaws marks or cracks), 1 light blue Speeder(also still in excellent quality and has no marks cracks or flaws), 1 black Menhune by Buzz-on(Excellent Quality and no cracks flaws or scratches), 1 lime green X-Convict(from the original batch which I thought were called x-cons…anyway, they all had the flaw where they would crack and break because of a design flaw with the specs of the yoyo, I believe the ratio between metal and plastic was wrong). So this is the only yoyo with cracks but it still works…Other than that all of the yoyos are in awesome working condition just like the other two I already have sold on this forum, a Good and Evil 2 #289 out of 500(from the original batch), and an Anti-yo Fluchs both ending in satisfied buyers and excellent reviews all around. So basically I am asking 50 dollars for all of them. I suppose it would be 55 with shipping, however I suppose because of the crunch I am in right now, I would take it… All have standard large bearings that spin and spin, lol. =0) Please email me at for offers. Please only serious offers because I am serious as well.

Also, I still have my limited edition gold plated proyo ace 2(mint) still in package. I believe it is only one of 50 or 100 made…I would take 20 for that, I payed 60 for it, but oh well…(sometimes you got to do what you got to do…) Anyway, Thank you again! -Chris Kruger

UPDATE!!! I am now asking 40 dollars for this lot and will take any offers from anybody, so please get back to me. I saw how no one posted back on my topic…and I understand that these yoyos are older, but these are from my primetime when I was still yoyoing everyday and whatnot. I will always be into yoyos because i have been yoyoing for 15 years, lol =0) but I just had to focus on other things at the moment. So once again, Thank You! =0) ~~~~~~Chris Kruger