Fs/ft: yoyojam bundle

Hey guys!

I’ve got a few yoyojam throws I’ve had since i started yoyoing way back in the day (one that was recently aquired). All of these are in great shape, and play well. I would really like to sell/ trade these as a bundle, but I’m open to offers. CONUS only please, and prices include shipping.

What I’m looking for:
SPYY yoyos-
Revenger, radian, spyder, spyder 2, pure, supra, flying v, addict, speed freak
YYR yoyos-
Gleipnir, inevitable, anomaly, sigtyr, e=mc2, stargazer, triad
Yoyopalace sphere
Any cool OD yoyos (never thrown one)
Offset outlier 2


SOLD Lynn fury-$20. Good condition, no caps, no cracks.

Xconvict- $50- a few small “dings” (cant feel them with my fingernail) and some smudges/tarnish. Can me polished out. No cracks, has konkave bearing and shims.

SFX-$40- good condition. No cracks, no vibe. World’s 2010 edition

SOLD Dark magic 1-$50- great condition. No cracks, slight vibe. Removed oring and replaced with pad (slightly recessed, less responsive). Has konkave bearing. Will include orings (original, red, and vapor rings)

SOLD Dark magic 2- $50- good condition, some cracks. Axle hub had to be super glued to the body (common issue, only cracks on the yoyo). Has konkave bearing, slight vibe, slight smudge/tarnishing, can be polished.

SOLD Phenomizm-$80- great condition, no visible cracks, never been unscrewed. No vibe at all.

Thanks for looking guys!


Bangin’ deals on those dark magics!


Red DM2 here @Yalsharqi


Thanks man

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