Show of hands: who owns a YYR product?

I know quite a few people here own some of these magnificent works of, science.
So reply to this thread if you own, or have owned a yoyorecreation product

YYR owners:

Raises hoof*
Currently own a sleipnir.
Used to have a stargazer v1.

Oh, nice! I found the Cool Kids’ Thread!

I do. :slight_smile:

I got an Overdrive and a Dreadnought Lite.

I have owned or currently own:

Dreadnought G
Clash 2011

Doesn’t raise hand

$200 is a lot when you have no job and your parents won’t buy you yoyos out of the $60 range.

You can trade for them.

I had a dreadnought g and I currently own a clash 2010, the clash is amazing by the way.

your parents buy you $60 yoyos?! i’m 12 and i have to save up for all my yoyos!

How about we really get this going here with some collection shots.

And this guy on the way:

Let’s see some more action here!

Do you know how terrible you make me feel?

I had to search yyr to figure out what it was…

I normally buy my own yoyos but I might get one a year for Christmas. Like this past Christmas I got a cafe racer. Alot of my yoyos are bought by me though.

I own 600 Sleipnirs.
Until I took a yoyo to the knee! And then they all dropped on the ground and into the ocean.


Luckily just a sleipnir china version( Bootleg).

I had a YYR stardust V2 … it was on my b/s/t, pics still there…

I just shipped that to France :slight_smile:

I want a brand new one for my personal collection, (i have to have it brand new) maybe you guys can recommend one for me, if you had to pick one, which one would you pick? I like full sized and smooth!!! … so anyone know when it will actually be available on YYE?

I know that you still have the Overdrive, Clash Cube, and 2011 Clash according to your bst. How many others do you currently own?

I wish

Are they really that good?

Yup :slight_smile:

I wan’t a clash cube.