Show of hands: who owns a YYR product?

just a sleipnir, but I don’t like silver yoyos no matter how they are, I’m hunting for a blue one.

The best. No arguments.

Yeah, man…

My first time throwing a YYR was at Illinois States when my pal Sunny brought his to use for his freestyle. I threw one while he was warming up, and I was blown away. He said, “You can’t not like these yoyos.”

I think he’s right (bought one of his off him the next month!).

I have a red gleipnir. Awesome throw.

Working on getting a YYR “6” but out of stock nearly everywhere.

Nearly everywhere? Am I missing something here?

Everywhere. :frowning:

But those are just pre-pros :smiley:

whats that golden yoyo? e=mc2?

The very bottom one is a mirror polished E=mc2 and the one directly above it is a 2012 Clash.

Why are they 200 dollars? I just can’t fathom what they do so well that’s worth that money.

#1-Yen-to-dollar Exchange Rate

#2-Expensive machining costs in Japan

#3-7075 Aluminum construction. 7075 is harder to machine than 6061, and the metal itself is expensive.

#4-Ultra precise tolerances

#5-They have to do lots and lots of prototypes

You forgot probably the most important aspect: people continue to buy them. Why would they drop their prices if they consistently sell at the current price point? Must be doing something right.

Yea, they’re coming out with a beginner-oriented, cheaper, “Easier to use” YYR in 2012. I wonder how much it’s going to cost. ???

They’re also coming out with a new offstring, and also a collaboration with some other company.

Suuuper stoked.

I got one now.

Where do you get the dough for all those? Isn’t that, like $2000 worth of yo-yos in that pyramid alone? dang!

Anyway - I’ll raise my hand. I own a Slipnir Christopher Chia Ed. I am with Ratfacedguy, these things sell because they are doing something right. More importantly, they are making yo-yos that are DIFFERENT than what the American/Canadian companies are making.

I wish American manufacturers would study these yo-ys for fresh inspiration. One can always learn from the competition.

There’s something truly magical about YYR products.

Hahaha, lots of trading and Christmas money as far as the pyramid goes. I have some big updates to post in the near future, courtesy of Uncle Sam and good grades (yeah for employer funded tuition reimbursement!). Just waiting on all the pieces to get back to me and then I’ll go ahead and rock this thread again :wink: