Should Do A YYE Video Battle: Samad Vs. Kim-Lan

Samad and Kim-Lan should do a YYE video battle to see who is better. I’ll be one of the judges and I will pick one other person to do it with me. Samad, Kim-Lan, are you up for this? Please! (No prizes, just a title of the two)

It would probably offend the loser,so I wouldn’t word it like that.But I think it will be a great battle,Kim-lan Samad?

You’re right.

EDIT: Just for fun.

i think this would be awesome. there wouldnt be a loser as such coz they are both great and know their stuff. but it would be really good to see

I’m sorry - I am already doing a battle with Logan, so I won’t be able to make two videos.

Next week though, remember?

But I’m lazy :smiley:

As am I. ;D

You can search it up. There’s a vid of Kim-Lan Here:,818.0.html

And Samad’s Everywhere, but :,2321.0.html

I think these are the most recent…

That’s Kim-Lans oldest video actually :smiley:

Sorry. I only remember that. Gimme the new one!!! :wink:

woah woah hold on guys…ummmm not to be mean here but i think he is spencer that left our forums.

and why does he want specifically samad and kim-lan to battle ?,isnt there a reason behind it.
just like the old spencer said,“Whenever I try to help, THEY… you know who you are,If you really want to know, they were a guy and a girl”.(kim-lan and Samad)


I think Spencer is a usual name. And there is no matter if Spencer is still here. It is nothing but positive.

Good to have you back spencer!!!

Do we have any confirmation that its him. I actually think that it isn’t him.

Um… no thats not me. Never seen him. He sounded a little rude. (Not to be offensive, of course!) :slight_smile:

Well, there are similarities. Both twelve, from the same area, have a ProJam, and have been yo-yoing for about the same amount of time. Also, Spencer L. when you first joined it seemed like you already knew everything about this forum.

Just speculating…

Well I’ve been in many forums on the internet. All you have to do is click new post or new topic and start one. There is another Spencer in the BHS High School. The amount of time, well, that doesn’t make a difference. And most beginners buy a ProJam unless they get a SpinStar of some other yoyo. I could see how you mean everything, but there are many people in this town that yoyo. MA is wild with it! :slight_smile:

That’s not what I meant.

Aren’t you a little young for high school?

If you say so.

For the first one, what? ???

For the second one, I meant there are OTHER Spencers than me. :slight_smile:

For the last one, well, I don’t know what people buy, but I’d say people who never yoyoed before would probably not go and buy some expensive yoyo. Who knows, mabye they do? :slight_smile:

Oh, wait. For the first one did you mean about yoyos. Yeah, I know what you mean about that. My friend Richard used to be on here and he told me all about it. I guess you can say figuring out yoyos aren’t really that hard. I looked at some old posts too. :slight_smile: