One of our greatest members

Is now stepping to the camera!!

Check out Kim-Lan’s preview!

I can’t wait for more videos. Everyone, Sub, cause I have a feeling this is just the beginning.  ;D

Wow! She is really good! I think she could be better than that Ann girl on YouTube. She’s better than me!


Lol. Actually, Kim-Lan is a boy. He practice a lot!

Happy Throwing! =]

No actually, she is a girl. I know her personally. Here is another video of her

Check her profile.

She’s AMAZING! I commented… I cant WAIT for the whole thing!!!

Thanks guys. ;D

And yes, I’ve been mistaken for a guy multiple times, so don’t worry about it.

It’s only because you didn’t show your face in the video. Trust me, your a pretty girl. :smiley:


I meant by people who’ve never even seen me, not even in a video, but sure.

Nice work Kim-Lan :slight_smile:

Ooops…sorry Kim. lol  :-[

Happy Throwing! =]

Wait… She even proved that!? Way to go the extra mile !

woah wait u said u know her personally like school friend girlfriend neighbor something like that


Good for you. 8)
And on a un-related note, mityman, if you plan to be on Team YYJ someday, why is your favortite yoyo a PGM by YYF?

totally avoiding wat i said ;D ;D

Oh, whoops. Yeah, it was something on YYN where they were going to give something on your b-days, and I wanted a YYJ bearing (mine was messed up) and some shims. Kim-Lan was nice enough to get me some.

That’s the most imature thing I’ve read all day. I’ll take this for samad–

If you ARE better then her (which you may or may not be) then you shouldn’t go around acting all cocky and saying “Oh I’m the best!! I am WAY better than you Kim-Lan!!” Thats just flat out mean, and if you want to act like this, please don’t do it here at yoyoexpert.

EDIT: This is not for Roto0 i got confused but still.

To avoid confusion about the quoting, Evan wasnt talking to you, Rot0, he was talking to mityman. Its just he quoted yours on accident.

Changed :wink:

i thought I was obsessed with penguins, no offense