girl yoyoers

(Marvin.D) #1

do any of you know any hot girl yoyoers

keep on spinning



Girl yoyoers: Kim-Lan, and Emily are the most popular on the site I believe.


We’ve had enough.

Were is Kim-Lan anyways?




I hope the girl(s) don’t find this post! M_yoyo13, you’ll be dead if they find this. All I can say is, change the post name and lock it!

(Marvin.D) #6

how do i do that ???


There is a Modify post button at the top right of each of your posts, and at the bottom left of the page there is a "Lock Topic button. :wink:


I’m a hot girl yoyoer :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, there are several girl yoyoers out there. Here is one thread:,52556.0.html

Shes here…

(Marvin.D) #9

how about this


Yeah, I’m right here. I wasn’t on yesterday because I was busy. I’m not hot, though. ::slight_smile:



Dude, It doesn’t matter what they look like. As long as their is a girl that doesn’t mind the art of yo-yoing then that’s awesome.

PS: Kim, do you have any cousins in the Central Valley? This one guy in my class has the last name Vo. Just wondering.


Um. No. A whole mess of people have that last name.

(D@§h!zn!t) #13

Well this is not an awkward topic at all…


Tsk Tsk Tsk… Guilty conscience… :stuck_out_tongue:



That made me laugh for 5 minutes!


3 time Australian Champion.

(Waylon) #16

so spencer has a crush on kim?


Except its the guy doing the hating.


lol Chris, did you get that from this post?

This. All this.

Take it from a guy in his 30’s. The above is fact.

How you use this information, however, is solely up to you.

The last girl that hated on me that hard I ended up married to.
Aww man that was a really old post ;D Haha topic 600+, February, we’ve definitely come a long way ;D


Why are you posting less? Or am I just not seeing your posts?
And the hot thing is all opinion.


this is more awkward then one of those CNN sitcoms. P.S. the only yoyo girl i think is hot is lyn fury