For those who knew who Kim-Lan was...


Well, most of us who knew her also knew she quit. However, she is thinking of getting back into it, but she is having a hard time thinking about it.


Let’s show her the support she needs!




Yes! I remember when I first started she had a few replies that helped me out. I was wondering why she didn’t post anymore. Well i don’t post much either but I still yoyo.

Start back Kim-Lan or I’ll get my little sister Kim to take your place!


It would be nice to see you here again, Kim Lan. You’re amazing, and you help us out a lot.


Kim-Lan… Please… It’s very sad to see you leave… We need you Kim-Lan…


Yeah. Look how the forum used to be, then you left, and look how it is now. It used to be super awesome, but now it is less super awesome.


I second this.

(JM) #8


True dat!

I remember she use to like penguins, good thinking JM!


Beat that JM!

(LookAYoYo) #11

The penguins are loosing control!!! only Kim-Lan can stop them!!!

yoyoexpert w/o kim-Lan is like eating a chocolate chip cookie w/o many chocolate chips. all in all, disapointing

(JonasK) #12

Kim-Lan yoyo good, post good too. Come nao pl0x.

(Jeromy K.) #13

The feeling of the form being different from the beginning is true but the hobby that is yo-yoing has grown. This is not in it’s self bad but the recurring questions, lack of discernment in posts, age differences and just a bunch of people posting has made it difficult to keep up. I am a lurker I don’t post often, but I am still here. Kim I have missed your influence, if you choose to come back you will be welcomed with open arms.

(Kei) #14

Yeah, it would be so cool to have you back. You have great talent.


quit the site, or quit yoyoing?

(Punchline101) #16

come back!!

(screamo) #17

come back

(Yo!It'sMatt) #18

Hey. I can tell you, Out of an asian’s heart.



Well said. :slight_smile:


Come back!!!

Before it was you and samad… now it’s only samad… :’( :’(

Edit: Although if you really don’t want to… I mean, I would like you to come back… but if you don’t want to and you dislike yoyoing… then you shouldn’t be made to come back… we can’t force you…