Kim-Lan? Video? What?


Spontaneously made a video today. Can’t say it’s too good, but you should be glad I made any video at all! I haven’t been yo-yoing much at all lately, so I have no idea why I randomly felt like making this video, but I did.


I think you lied to us… You went to some small cave under a waterfall in the mountains of Japan with some Mr. Miyagi style guy and trained in the way of the yo didn’t you?

But really… Whats pretty sick… And it good to see you back!


Yeah. Still way better than I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

First time I saw a vid of you without that sweatshirt full of eighth and sixteenth notes.

I don’t think it’s your best but it is nonetheless awesome.

awsome, you are still good even you haven’t played lately

So good.

Whatevs, you know you’re good. Short, but enjoyable!

I like the mirror in the back. Nice trick!!!

Why don’t you ever show your face? Just a thought… I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen you…

Nice trick, you can probably do allot more with it as it seems quite easy to go into a basic wrist bucket mount from there.
Nice element for sure.

Welcome back!


I’ve done a video without that jacket before!

I guess I prefer to focus on the string and what I’m doing more than my face.

And thanks everyone! I appreciate your kind thoughts. :slight_smile:

pretty good ;D

You love that jacket right??? ;D

Coolio! This is beast for an 11 second vid! Nice job.

Eh, it’s like ripped and stuff now…but that’s okay! Because I have a couple of new jackets.

Enough said.

this vids da bomb.

Please don’t bring back old threads, Manny_bee. Look at the date of the last post before you make your reply. Thanks. :wink:

And yes, that is her trick.