Who are you?

Hi, I was browzing the Tube and I was comparing us YYE people to well-known players.

So, I was thinking, who are you? Like your style or there personality. Just name someone (Doesnt have to be yourself) that reminds you of a certain person.

 I think RSMOD as MICKEY


Ooh! I like this thread!!! Who am I!

Also, I think Kim-Lan is like Elliot Jackson…

Uhh… I will make a list.

Samad is like— Augie Fash because he has so much fun yoyoing. His style is Sebby with the random twists to no where…

Doc is like— Andre cuz hes so nice.

Kim-Lan is like— Kahli Evans because they are both girls and have a semi-same style. Her style is Eric Koloski… random?

Andre is like— ANDRE!!!

I did all 3 experts… IM A KISS UP!

I am like Tyler Severance.

I didnt mean in personality, I meant style.

KK fixed.

i am…a quarter of raytsh on youtube

i think Samad is like Augie flash also.

who am i?

I think you mean Augie Fash
Also, I cant tell, I’ve never seen you throw :wink:

Sorry that was a typo.

i am like anyone who gets in front of people and messes up the trick they just hit!..

People say I have great syle so I would have to say
Shannon Jackson is like Shannon Jackson.

You all have never seen yoyoing yoyoing till you have seen Shannon’s yoyoing.
Not kidding, I wish he had a video…

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I am almost like Dr.YoYo, but not quite.

you spelt my name wrong… Kahli not Khali

semi-same style … what, you mean we both throw yoyos? ::slight_smile:

I am almost like Dr.YoYo, but not quite.

pfffftt, You wish (kidding, much love doc)