Short String Sit Down YoYo Play...

Cut my string almost in half. Throw sitting down at my desk.
Hops are a blast,
Anyone try this?

What yoyo are you using? Using that short of a string, you just have a pretty grippy response system.

Hubstacks + 3/4 the length of a ‘normal’ string always seemed to work better for me.

i did it with my popstar in school i did ladder escape so much fun

I’ve cut down strings for my grand daughters to use. Probably half the normal length. Threw my timing off entirely.

That’s a great idea! I’m gonna try it with my Popstar.

I loop sitting down

I sit down and yoyo with full length strings.
You just need more control.
Get it.

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That’s what my mighty flea is for. Too bad I don’t have enough skills to really use that yoyo really well yet.

My kids have shorter strings. I might try that with theirs first.

Right now, I’m rather annoyed I can’t throw in the car ride down to Disneyland. 8 hours of having to talk to the rest of the family… gah!


I yoyo sitting down with full length string too.

I try to yoyo with full length string sitting down. it’s pretty hard to do though. (well, anyway)

I try to use full length string and damn it ding my yuuksta preety badly. Guess I’m short, or the chair isn’t tall enough

I should try sitting down actually. There are a few occasions I’m which I choose not to yoyo because it involves standing up. And I don’t like standing up.

I yoyo lying on my back, with a blind fold, and full length string. Is that legit enough for you Josh?


I so know what you mean. Like on weekend mornings, I’m watching tv and really want to get up and yoyo but it isn’t worth getting up off the couch to yoyo.

Protip: Excalibur when using long strings. Use a wheely chair for when the yoyo starts to tilt and you have to turn with it.

Not to get rather gross…

But, I have a feeling people are gonna start “throwing while going”, as in they’ll be doing yoyo tricks while using the toilet. What happened to the good old days of a newspaper or a magazine? Me personally, I prefer my Gameboy color with Tetris DX(the MOST legit version of Tetris EVER!)

Right now I have enough problems throwing while standing. Sitting? No thank you, not for now!

I can only throw excalibur while sitting. =/

me too