sending my ooch smoov back and getting a dark magic 2

got this stupid thing a week and half ago and i hate it. im sending it back.

so now im getting a dm2. idk which one to get. worlds edition or regular?

and also if anybody could give me a link to a review it would be very much appreciated! ;D

I see no reason to send it back, if its not broken. Its not very responsib;e to send something back if you don’t like it. You should put on the B/S/T.

Wait. Did Andre accept the fact that you got a yoyo you just didn’t like? Oh and the Ooch is a way better yoyo than the DM.

What do you not like about it?

this yoyo is obviously a piece of crap. it breaks every single string i put in it within 10 minutes. which is not what the description said on the yomega website. that is false advertising. this yoyo is not high performance because I can’t throw a breakaway without the string breaking. and yomega also says on their website if you are not satisfied in anyway please send it back. so i have every right to send my yoyo back. and there is also no way in the world that an ooch smoov is better than a DM. and what are you talking about is Andre aware? i can do anything with my money.

  1. to solve the string problem take an old sock or pair of jeans and then rub around the bearing area or whole yoyo for like 10 minutes. the blasting process is very harsh on the yoyo finish. 2. i am not sure but i think yomega means if it is defective. i could be wrong. 3 icthus was thinking you bought it from yoyoexpert as andre is the founder. and 4. you dont have to be soo mean. icthus was just trying to help.

Why all the double posting.

If the the people at yomega tell you that they wont accept it, try the jeans thing.

Get A Protostar Instead

The oouch smoov is most deff better than the dm so i dont know what your talking about man,Icthus knows more about yoyos than half of us.And please dont be so mean.Sending a yoyo back becasuse you dont like it is very immature in the sense that you baught it and just becuase your not happy you send it back for a refund. blasting makes the yo have a very rough surface so it will be alot hard on your strings,so rub it with a old sock or something and stop complaining

If it’s so bad, why is it your favorite yoyo?

LOL I was just about to post that

its not my favorite yoyo. and i do like this yoyo but it just keeps breaking strings. and i tried to rub it down with a piece of denim and it keeps breaking strings. and if i rub it down, is it supposed to take the color off?

The Color could fade but it won’t come off. Rubbing the yoyo with Denim or a sock will just wear down the blasting.

I actually agree with what your doing. Just send it back (like Yomega says your aloud to) and get a Dark Magic or ANY other yoyo with your refunded money.

What kind of string are you using? Cotton?

It is not the yoyo, but the yoyoer. And it’s not false advertizing. Every string breaks eventually, maybe not in 10 min but eventually. I don’t really care if you send it back, but if I were Yomega, I wouldn’t give you a refund if the yoyo is working as it should. You are probobly doing something wrong here. You probably are puting the string between the bearing seat and the bearing, instead of on the bearing. Which would explain the string snapage. If you aren’t doing that, then either the strings messed up, you are wearing out the string by playing with it and exagerating how fast they snap, or there is a slight chance the yoyo has a flaw. If you are working the yoyo properly, and the yoyo is working as it should, then I must say this: Just a heads up. If you think a yoyo is gonna make you better, and that you will just learn all the tricks easy and fast, that is NOT true. I learned most of my first yoyo tricks with a 20 dollar Yomega Exodus. I learned brain twister, atomic bomb, drop the bucket, etc. And personally, the Ooch Smoov is a lot better than the Exodus. If you are having problems learning on the Ooch, you are gonna have the same problems learning the same things on the DM2. And I personally like the Ooch Smoov better than the DM. Not trying to sound mean, cause I’m not meaning to say this in a mean manner. Anyway, just keep this in mind.

-James Reed

OOCh smoov is awesome and it might just be something ur doin wrong but u should try a few things like idfferent string and the denim trick before sending it back, good luck :wink:

OK, the last time you asked what might be the problem w/ the yoyo you said you were using poly, slicks, and cottons. Who’s strings are they, where did you get it? If they are the Yomega strings, they are horrible and that might be your problem. Like James said, it could be the string. Personally, I wouldn’t get rid of it. Talk to Buddy Jim and ask him for some of his new unnamed strings (tell him you want the kind he last sent me). Those strings last forever. I put it on my Mayhem and haven’t changed it in weeks, and still don’t need to. If that string breaks in 10 mins, your yoyo is defective. If not I would hang on to the yoyo and show it some love, it will love you back.

First statement is beyond true, but:

Some Yomega metals are notorious for having rough finishes that break strings, like the Ooch Smoov and Kerrari.

If you buy a shirt and it doesn’t fit, would’nt you return it? The same goes for yoyos. If you dont like the yoyo and you haven’t damaged it or anything yet, I’d sure as hell send it back and get my money.

Thats all I care to add

Thats not true really, the Ooch has a rough blasted finish that eats string but the DM is plastic. The plastic on the dm will not eat the string.