My yoyo won't open

I have a yomega fireball and when i try to open it it just spins along, no progress. I think this is because it hit a bunch of things while i was trying to do the around the world, which I learned ;D, but is the yoyo not opening because of it hitting stuff and/or how can i fix this problem?

Best course of action would be to send me your address and I will send you a New Fireball and… A Brand new Raider😱

I have a Whole drawer full of new (old) Yomega stuff from a yoyo store going out of Business years ago…

I even have Yoyos that say Team Yomega😳

I will even pay the shipping to get you rolling along.

An option anyways… I’ve been around for awhile>


Sounds like cracked hubs, I used to go through fireballs and Yomega Brain yoyos as a kid (mainly from my carelessness of overtightening it, a result of having countless times of having my Fireball unscrew mid trick).

…The memories of walking several miles on a hot summer day with my friends to the local mom 'n pop toy shop to pick up whatever new yoyos they got in…Yup, that’s how I spent my allowance as a kid :slight_smile:

This is AWESOME! You are what this community is all about. Bravo Doc! You Rule! I’m not sure he believes you or not. But it is really nice. Best post I’ve read to date!

You’re a dang cool dude, man :slight_smile:

Thanks, hopefully you’re legit but can I trust you and send my fireball and you’ll give me those two brand new? Okay I guess, but it’s probably because Fireballs and Raiders are more geared towards beginners while you’re a three time champion

OKay, I’ve sent my address and hopefully I’m safe. P.S. Do i need to send anything or return my yoyo? If not and you’re not a thug :wink: thanks!

You can trust him. Just don’t pet him behind the ears.
(he’s legit)

3 Times winner at modding not playing, lol.

I like the If I’m legit part.

I’ve been around Yoyos since 1998.

I’ve been on this Forum for about 5 years and over 1000 posts and about 900 thanks you’s.

I’ve offered to send you Free stuff and even pay for shipping.:flushed:

Let’s hope I’m ‘legit’. Lol

Note the op just killed me! Why would you send me a Brain-free pm like below?>>

‘Yah want my address, here ya go hopefully I won’t get robbed or anything Grin.’

If I have a persons address; what does that have to do with robbing you? Afraid I may come to New York from California and steal your broken Fireball?

Do you want me to send you a coupon for a discount brain from Walmart?

I have more trouble giving stuff away, lolol. Seriously.

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I don’t think he is expecting you to send him a broken $11 yo-yo. He is really just trying to be nice.

Sorry ;D thanks for everything in advance and why not send a coupon, hopefully it isn’t explosive ;D. and in how many days would the explosive coupon and yoyos equipped with spyware to stalk me arrive? ;D :wink:

Trust him. Follow his guidence and heed his wisdom. You are lucky to have him open up to you like this. Be proud! but most of all, be awesome. :slight_smile:

/tips hat to 'Doc

Don’t pet anyone behind the ears :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s also never done a mod for payment, can’t say the same for me :wink:

YoyoExpert Administrator’s approval.

yoyodoc’s a cool guy.

I will gladly take anything you want to give away mo.
I know your legit, and one of the nicest guys I’ve met. I hope to meet you again sometime. I enjoyed talking to you and hanging out.


You found me out!

I am a Thug.

Leading the Thug life.

…you have brought my Evil lifestyle to a Screaching halt with your Amazing Psychic Detective Thug-o-meter!

Goodbye cruel World.

I’m going straight down like a Fireball.



Fact is stranger than fiction.
This thread is one of them…

well I’m going up like a butterfly. (Insert yoyo related pun)

Just in case it’s ever an issue, I accept free stuff without calling the person giving it to me a thug