SCALES Video BATTLE Contest - Main Thread

The SCALES Video BATTLE Contest is underway!

Round 1:

Shane Lubecker VERSUS John Wolfe (Voting Ends 8/26)

Ahmad Kharisma VERSUS Jakub Plader (Voting Ends 8/28)

Owen Ekblad VERSUS Remy Baskin (Voting Ends 8/30)

Chase Baxter VERSUS Daniel Kim (Voting Ends 9/01)

Dylan Ostrowski VERSUS Luna Harran (Voting Ends 9/03)

Jonathan Sitanggang VERSUS Chandler Steele (Voting Ends 9/05)

Jonathan Sitanggang VERSUS Chandler Steele (Voting Ends 9/05)

Paul Harness VERSUS Blaise Becker (Voting Ends 9/07)

16 players have been chosen via preliminaries to BATTLE it out for the first title of Scales x YoYoExpert Forum Champion!

The players are:

  1. Shane Lubecker: @Shloobs
  2. John Wolfe: @jwolfe
  3. Ahmad Kharisma: @Khariskharisma
  4. Jakub Plader: @Jakub00
  5. Owen Ekblad: @Nemyo
  6. Remy Baskin: @remybaskin
  7. Daniel Kim: @Yoyosonly
  8. Chase Baxter: @cbaxt98
  9. Dylan Ostrowski: @dylanostrowski
  10. Luna Harran: @Thesonicpineapple
  11. Chandler Steele: @chandlersteele
  12. Jonathan Sitanggang: @jonathan22s
  13. Blaise Becker: @Blaise_becker
  14. Paul Harness: @Yoyoist
  15. Trevor Boice: @Trevorvor
  16. Luke Reinert: @lagr

YOU decide WHO wins (along with Scales Collective!) based on 4 categories:

  • Trick Difficulty
  • Trick Uniqueness
  • Trick Composition
  • Overall Impression

Have a guess who might win it all? Anyone guessing correctly will get 20% off at YoYoExpert! Guess here:

Schedule image below. (First battle starts Wednesday 8/22)!


Here is how the rounds work:


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