Ahmad Kharisma vs Jakub Plader - Round 1-2 - Scales x YYE Video Battle


Ahmad Kharisma VERSUS Jakub Plader

@Khariskharisma X @Jakub00

Here it is! Watch the two Battle Videos below and CAST your vote in who won each of the categories below!!!

Trick Difficulty:

Which player had more challenging elements, in your opinion? Did one of them throw multiple risky elements one after another and hit them all with ease? If so, let them know by voting for them in Trick Difficulty!

Trick Uniqueness:

It’s tough to put together a trick with elements that are new to people. In a time period in which things like #metamonday and generic tricks are always prominent, it’s extra special to Scales when someone puts in the extra work to do something creative. Who was more outside of the box in your opinion?

Trick Composition:

One of the most important parts to having a good trick is for it to be cohesive. Do the elements blend together well? Is there a certain “theme” that a trick gives off to you? Which player here had a better put together trick in your opinion?

Overall Impression

Overall, which player’s video did you like more? Was there any special editing that one had that took their trick over the top? Was one person’s trick SO crazy for some random reason that it was clearly your favorite? Use this category to pick a general favorite between the two.

Trick Difficulty

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Trick Uniqueness

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Trick Composition

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Overall Impression

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Full details of SCALES x YoYoExpert BATTLE in original post here:


@Khariskharisma and @Jakub00 - this is unreal.


Ahmad was my favorite by far but Jakub will win the popular vote bc FLASHY SLACKS


This is like if Boston played Cleveland in RD 1 IN 2017…


You might be right. I liked both but kind of favored Ahmad’s entry a little bit more. No disrespect to Jakub though! His was super solid and I really dug his trick but there were a few repeats of the same trick, just with subtle differences. It was a hard vote though!

This competition is going to be crazy! So much awesomeness right out the gate. :astonished:

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I feel Jakub’s video background was better,he did string tricks and as well as picture tricks which I felt was unique.ahmad’s music was good .i also think Jakub should use music in his next video.


They both killed it I like Ahmad’s trick diversity and his style, and Jakub was very technical and his flow was on point but he did repeat elements and just changed them up slightly so they both were dope!


That was so damn hot … :fire::fire::fire::heart: