RSO x TK SB-Ti! Who got one?

That’s an RSO one, you can tell by the other pics of packaging.

I’m a bit confused too why they’re selling it so quickly at such a discount when it’s apparently never thrown. But hey, sometimes unexpected expenses pop up. Seems to be a good deal if someone wanted one.

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If I understand correctly they’re all packaged the same. RSO, TK and YYE website.

What i meant is that it was an RSO Titanium Silver Bullet, not a regular Tom Kuhn Aluminum (or other titanium one if that had existed outside RSO)

Well, that eBay seller has 378 transactions with 100 percent positive feedback.
And the transaction is backed by eBay if there is a problem.
He has all the goodies…

But seems kinda odd to sell at a $50 drop for whatever reason?

One other thing. The listing says $310 plus almost $10 for shipping.

Still $45 off, but not $65🤔


I’m guessing he realized too late that there is simply no way a titanium throw – any titanium throw – can dispatch vampiric ghouls as easily as the packaging would lead you to believe.

If you have a ghoul infestation, it’s going to take more than a mere yo-yo to deal with that kind of problem. A werewolf, maybe… but not a ghoul, no way. And certainly not a pack of ghouls!! Just another case of false advertising I’m afraid.


I agree it seems illogical to resell so soon, but who knows the seller motivation. Perhaps they are having buyers remorse due to now needing funds or due to being personally underwhelmed by the yoyo. Seems reasonable to me to list it at a small discount considering you can still get them direct from the retailer. I wouldn’t pay full price from an eBay seller when I can still buy them direct from TK website.


I have one ‘negative’ about the Ti SB…

I’m only mentioning this here because it’s a Ti SB thread.

Personally, I feel the silver bullet plays better with the O-rings installed.

Not a real big deal, but one of the things I like about throwing good Ti yoyos Are the little sounds they constantly make directly related to the titanium metal.

It actually took me a couple minutes to figure it out. But then suddenly it hit me right between the eyes or maybe I should say right between ears.:scream_cat:

When the two O-rings are installed they become very effective sound killers.

No Ti sounds come out of the yo-yo… The yo-yo no longer sings.

It becomes a non speaking yo-yo.

So, I have taken the rings out… a little less stability… a little less spin time… but a lot more musical.

I don’t mind the trade off. Not a bit…

I don’t know why I was surprised the rubber would silence the Bullet.


I have a double etch. Notice the pattern?
Here is the website image.

Serial Number 56


Ouch. Whatcha gonna do about it? Some might find it unique, I’d call that a B-grade. I’ve got #58 and started to take it out of the box to check it, but it wasn’t coming out so easy so I left it.


At first I thought maybe, like a miss-stamped coin, it might make it more attractive in years to come but the more I think about it… I’m thinking B-Grade. I’ve inquired with Tom Kuhn website on a trade in.

I’m so torn on whether to throw this thing. :slight_smile: I wasn’t going to but couldn’t resist. Now that is out… I don’t know… Does the SB-2 play kinda similar? I might have to get one of those.


@Shwa I saw your post! Could you contact me via the RSO Instagram or website? Please send me more pictures of the yo-yo engraving. Will make it right for you. Thanks!


The SB-2 plays ‘nothing’ like the Ti Bullet.

I have made some mathematical calculations about this…

My numbers may be off by 3 percent(+/-).

But my statistical analysis based on factuals and the science of Colonoscopy tangents reveals something most interesting indeed.

If the SB 2 would have played as well as the Elvin Bullet, they would have sold 3 Billion, 423 million, 672 thousand, 426 of them in 2,137 different colorways.


Great customer service Elvin!!!


@lytelvin Thank you very much! I’ll reach out on the website. Customer service, indeed!!

I hope I didn’t offend you by posting it here first. I was honestly looking for feedback from the community on whether it would be a good or bad thing. When the first comment was b-grade it made complete sense. I’m still pretty new to the world of yoyo.

This yoyo is still and absolutely, a thing of BEAUTY!!


I never played the original, but the SB-Ti is an incredibly fun throw. I kept it set up semi-responsive out of the box, and man is it nice to go through more basic tricks and work on flow. The power and smoothness along with the particularly nice Ti sounds (better than the Daytona SB) make this an absolute joy to throw. Definitely worth the price.

Edit: Oh, and the criticism about how the rubber rings destroy the sound, totally true. Plays excellent in that configuration, but i can’t sacrifice this yoyo’s sounds without the rings. The yoyo plays lighter and less powerful without them, but not too much so. It already has plenty of power and weight.


I’m a bunch of days late in posting my thank you here to Elvin. He took care of my issue with expedience!! Thanks, Elvin!


I thought your Ti SB was cool honestly with the engraving! Elvin is awesome man! Great guy and great customer service.

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I ended up keeping it! It is, after all, one of a kind. :slight_smile:


How many of you are throwing your SB Ti? My original intent was to keep it in pristine condition / boxed up… I cant do it. Its too much fun.

I would really love to see someone who knows what they are doing throw this beauty. Maybe @edhaponik would like a shot at it! :grin: I’d be honored to let him borrow mine.


@edhaponik has a 1 of 1 rainbow anodized.