RSO x TK SB-Ti! Who got one?

I was able to get one and it is out for delivery, quite excited. Wondering who else got one. Are going to throw it? I am for sure. How will you set it up? Unresponsive, semi-responsive, responsive, more responsive?


Also if anyone doesn’t like theirs send me a pm. :wink:


Just got mine. #19. Thing looks good, but now don’t know if I want to take it out of the box.

I know they are still available at RSO and on Tom Kuhn.


I have that issue with a lot of RSO throws lol. I’ve thrown the spaceship the most since it comes out of and goes back into its packaging the easiest ha.


I got mine a little bit ago. I’ve been throwing all day so far. I’ll get my monies worth.


Since I play all my Ti/ss I would be interested how it plays. I enjoy all my RSOs play wise. But this guy is special so I would be curious about play review.

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I’m just waiting for my loan application to get approved by the bank before picking one up…

But seriously, I was interested at first, but decided it wasn’t worth the price of admission for me personally and thus talked myself out of it. Would be curious about peoples’ thoughts because I used to have an SB-2 but sold it because it really couldn’t hold it’s own against a good modern throw. The updated version might change all that though.


I am also curious I own a couple of ILYY E1ns versions, but the E1nsTien blows it out of the water.
So if it is the same with this SB I am curious


Good point… I should mention that I do own an E1NSTiEN (which I love), so I’m not throwing shade on RSO or TK just because of the price.

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Can u enlighten me with some insides on how it plays? Do you play it unresponsive?

Sure. Not knowing exactly what everyone else is throwing.
However I have an Alley Cat 650b, One Drop Deep State, Rain City Gamer, PDX-YO Phidias, and a Weekender.

I will compare to some of these for reference. First off it looks fantastic, clean, simple, rounded, and overall very nice. Second, it is dead smooth and spins plenty long. Most today have good spin time. It plays like a slim line yoyo. Not too slim but slim. More forgiving than the AlleyCat or Deep state, at least it feels like it is. The gap at the rims is about the same or smaller, however the overall width and roundness give you a feel of more forgiveness.

It weighs a little more and feels denser, rightly so. I have it unresponsive currently, but I did swap it our with the slim bearing. It still is dead smooth, spins well, and is semi responsive. With kitty fat it does not take but a couple layers in the gap, with normal likely more unresponsive. But if semi responsive is what your after, it does offer it nicely.

It comes with blanks to be responsive and can play very well in that state also. However, I think if modern responsive is what your after, stalls are not as effective on it. The walls round a bit too much. For a better player that may not have as much bearing, for me it is much less stable than say the Alley Cat or Deep State. Certainly less stable than the weekender. The Weekender, in my opinion is the best for that style. The lighter weight, high walls, and flatter rims lend well to the style.

I would say that the Phidias plays very closely to how the SB-Ti plays. It is fantastic in it’s own right. What you get with the SB-Ti is something clean, beautiful, titanium, and something that plays extremely well for a slimline yoyo. It was mentioned earlier the SB2 not holding its own against modern yoyos. If slimline is what you are after, this is phenomenal. If a modern, wide, rim weighted yoyo is what your looking for, you won’t find it in this one. I am happy to own one, but I am going to be posting quite a few yoyos on the BST to cover it.


Thank you very much for that comprehensive review. I think that helped me a lot on what I thought about it. Overall this is a beautiful piece of Yo-Yo Art but since I am not really into slimline Yo-Yos I should skip this one.

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So I got a Ti-SB, and all I can say is that I’m beyond impressed.

For anyone who hasn’t owned a RSO yo-yo before, you’re in for a real treat. The unboxing experience certainly is what sets Elvin’s apical tier yo-yos apart from every other quality release. Intricately designed box artwork for every release and unique and thematic extras that augment the whole affair. These aspects showcase a level of thoughtfulness and care of a true and passionate aficionado. Included inside this release: a string, extra response pads, two bearing blanks to help adjust the gap to your fixie preference (2.4mm and 2.8mm), a half-spec responsive bearing, a 7mm and 8mm replacement axle, a konkave full size C bearing, and an ornate pin of the vampire (and cavity) slaying dentist, Dr. Tom Kuhn. All of this included with a velvety pouch designed to protect your yo-yo when not in use.

Like all RSO releases, this yo-yo displays the beauty of quality machined and polished titanium. The rounded “slim-line” profile has the soft appeal of the old organic modified-imperial shape, while retaining the functionality of the inverted butterfly throw. The bullet nipple is smooth to the touch and the engravings are understated and elegant.

In Hand
I should start by saying that my two main yo-yo play style preferences are 0A fixie and 1A unresponsive so the versatility this yo-yo brings is highly appealing to me. I also have a preference for titanium yo-yos.

The Silver Bullet comes out of the box set up unresponsive with a full-sized C Konkave bearing installed. Upon first throw, I noticed how smooth and stable it is. It’s thinner profile allows it to excel at chopsticks style tricks. As an unresponsive yo-yo, it has the effect of a pocket yo-yo/trainer in that it helps to reign in sloppier play, not unlike the Petri Dish and Double or Nothing, but with a modern full/sized presence and a wider gap which allows it to be far more forgiving than the aforementioned yo-yos. In addition, the yo-yo presents with far less tilt than I expected. I presumed that it would be subject to the same tilting effect as my YWET (since it, like the aluminum SB, lacks any response bumps) but so far it has endured with better results. Granted, it is not comparative in this regard to the stability of a standard competition yo-yo, but if you’re entertaining the idea of owning this yo-yo, I surmise that you’re not expecting that level of performance.

Another area where this yo-yo shines is its fixie setup. So far I have only tried the 2.4mm blue bearing blank (not the 2.8 gold blank nor the half spec bearing) equipped with a single wrap thin nylon string. I was beyond impressed. My AlleyCat605b and Daytona SB Highwall have both required multiple wraps (with their small responsive bearings) to achieve the response desired. The Ti-SB required only one wrap and responded well within the tolerance of my liking, which is smooth and snappy. I despise a laggy response or one that snags on the string and I have yet to incur any of these issues or string slippage. As the pads wear, this may change, but currently it handles stalls, shoot the moon, loops, varials, and kick flips with consistent efficiency. Again I would like to mention that this is with the 2.4mm blank only. I have not tested anything else yet currently.

As an RSO fan, I am consistently impressed by the quality of each release and this is no exception. Elvin has outdone himself. If you’re looking for A standard competitive yo-yo, this may not be for you. If you’re looking for a fun, highly versatile, beauty that will challenge you to be more accurate and deliberate in your actions, I urge you to give this a consideration.

If you discover it’s not your bag, there is always the BST. Elvin’s throws appreciate in value over time and there is always a demand, so it’s easy to recoup the cost.

Included are some photos to display the Ti -SB in its majesty and comparison to the size of some unresponsive throws I had lying around.


I talk to Elvin often. A good friend that just cannot tell a lie, lol.

I told him straight up, ‘ I Never cared for the SB or SB2 yoyos…ever.

Very well made. fits easily o to a pocket/ Beautifully finished/in the nice box/with an adjusting key and a nice informative booklet…

But 20 something years ago when I was a yo-yo modding machine, the SB yoyos were not good modding fodder. So they were pretty much useless to me.

So, after making it perfectly clear that any SB yo-yo would not be a player for me, Elvin simply said, ‘It came out amazingly good’.

At that point there was only one thing to do.

Mine should be here tomorrow.

Elvin never exaggerates. And he never releases a yo-yo until it has passed All the tests.


The artwork is pretty hilarious. I need a poster of this!


I’m right there with you. I have one SB2 and it’s alright for what it is, but I would not acquire another. It’s a novelty I pick up once in a while, but it has its limitations. The TiSB is miles apart and a lot of fun. I think you’ll enjoy it.


I ordered direct from RSO after failing to catch one at YYE. Even though I’ve had some really bad experiences with TK business wise I didn’t want to spend $18 on shipping so I looked on the TK site everywhere but they weren’t ready at drop time.
If it’s really easy to get in and out of the box then I’ll throw it a few times to taste the glory, I’m not going to mess around with bearing blanks etc. as to keep it super minty. I know RSO is top notch quality but I unscrew my Yoyos as infrequently as possible to avoid issues.

Are the numbers engraved or is there a certificate?

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There’s a number on the box and on a card inside.

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Great looking colorway🤓

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