RSO x Tom Kuhn Present: The Titanium Silver Bullet!

From RSO: When I started on my yo-yo journey back in 1999, the Silver Bullet 2 (SB-2) was one of the first yo-yos to kickstart my collection. This nostalgic throw conjures memories of my 12 year old self standing in front of a yo-yo display at the Takashimaya department store while begging my parents to buy it for me. Fast forward more than two decades; my passion for throwing has grown into Round Spinning Objects (RSO) and the Titanium Silver Bullet!

The design concept of the titanium SB-Ti was simple: to make a slimline yo-yo that is primarily suited for unresponsive play, but can play semi-responsive or responsive. The primary playing style of the SB-Ti is modern unresponsive play, but it is fully equipped for modern responsive and fixed-axle play as well. The bearing seat was designed to allowed bearings of different thicknesses to fit. It is setup responsive out of the box, and included in the package you’ll find a responsive slim bearing, 2 custom machined bearing blanks, and shorter axles to go with each.

And just like the SB-2, the SB-Ti comes with two black rubber weight rings which fit snugly in the yo-yo. Each ring weighs 1.8g, allowing the SB-Ti to go up to 64.6g with a regular C bearing. These rubber weight rings are made with such high manufacturing precision that they introduce almost no vibe to the SB-Ti when installed.

The attention to detail in this project is everything we have come to expect form RSO releases. Every aspect, from the box art to the included extra, to the original Silver Bullet font used in the engraving is just perfect. This collaboration breathes new life into a legendary piece of yo-yo history!

Releasing Saturday 8/15 @ 8PM EDT.


Wow, this is super cool!


The exhaustive history of the TK brand (and the SB models) on the website is absolutely outstanding.

Really impressed.


Yeah he has a crazy amount of information on the RSO webpage. It’s a good read, definitely check it out. I just picked a handful of things to add on our page here.


All of his releases have an amazing history behind their creation and the history of the YoYos that inspired them. I recommend you give them all a read as well as his bio. It’s expertly crafted and entertainingly written. The man knows showmanship well.


The profile shape is basically a slimline Gorylla, very cool!


That’s a good product drop… I appreciate the LOE and detail that goes into a project like this.


Amazing that you mentioned that, lol.

Many years ago, I use to ‘mod things’.

A good friend from Switzerland was modding stuff at a different level.

After buying a few of his Handquakes, we would chat on a regular basis about yo-yo related aspects of performance.

He would send me things here and there, just to show me what he was up to.

One of the things he sent so long ago was a proto Gorylla with an extra twist.

A LARGE bearing. Larger than C size😳

I had been experimenting with skateboard bearings and this was a true case of parallel mod thinking(kinda).

I, also noticed a completely accidental resemblance of the two yoyos.

One thing for certain. If Elvin releases a yo-yo. You can BET your favorite marbles that it is a true playing machine. The guy is a Mastermind. And I have a DoomBot proto to prove that assertion.

My Gorylla proto is pretty darn slick considering the bearing size looks waaaay ‘odd’ in the yo-yo.

I have been inspired to get a ceramic bearing and center it to bring out its’ potential.

But the similarity(even though completely by chance, is really funny.


The Gorylla was prototyped with three different bearing sizes. Yours is a 616, with a 6mm gap.

Frank traded with ChrisK for an anodized 616 1of1 proto at a meet-up we had during UK nats back in '09. It was a crazy idea, but the response was too low sadly.

I always loved the Gorylla and its shape. I love the final production run even more because its super cool horns.

Elvin is crazy for details and getting things right. We had hours and hours of chats when doing the E1NSTiEN. Highly recommended products, there’s lots of love in his releases. :+1:t2:




Almost drop time…

Good luck…

aaaaand they’re gone.

aaaaand it's gone southpark gif

(still some on RSO’s site)


Dang! Had to get it elsewhere… how many did YYE have? Thought the TK site was supposed to offer it also, they don’t have their :poop: together they’d be my last choice.
At least I was able to bag one.

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I saw just 3, makes sense they went fast. Yeah I thought TK was supposed to carry them too but oh well, will give others a chance as well.

I once paid less for a car.