Silver Bullet 4!!!


This is the Silver Bullet 4. Collab between Tom Kuhn and Chico Yo-yo Company. This seems to be the first modern yoyo from Tom Kuhn, because while his yoyos are great, they are outdated and not at all suitable for a contest. Great step for Tom Kuhn, as this has everything you could want in a new yo-yo. Size C bearing, silicone response, comfortable in the hand, decent sized rims for a good spin time, and a spike for fingerspinning. No confirmed release date, but they can be preordered for $125.


Everything you want in a new yoyo, except for a new price.


Need a better view, but I’d be surprised if you could matador that spike.

(major_seventh) #4

Same, looks really cool though

(Steve Brown) #5

What is shown are just pre-production prototypes, and they didn’t send much in the way of pictures. But if that hub is anything like past SB hubs, there’s pretty much no chance it’s useful for matador stuff.


I was thinking more of balancing it on your finger, like the throughhole in the Valor.


Agreed. The fact that you can matador something with through-holes is a coincidence of design, not a positive design feature that encourages fingerspins. I do get a kick out of doing rip-starts on through-hole yoyos, but I’d never get something with a through-hole as a fingerspin yoyo.


oooh that Yoyo looks awesome I think I want this Yoyo more than the Chik! now I have been eyeing forever. …

(Steve Brown) #9

Since I posted that article I’ve heard from a few collectors that Brad Countryman (who runs the TK brand) ships notoriously late…sometimes by 4 - 5 months.

Not sure if Chico YoYo Company is handling the manufacturing/fulfillment on this one, but if it’s through TK, just a heads up that I’m told they are crazy slow.

Caveat emptor.


I’ve had nothing but frustrating experience with Brad running things… and I don’t know many people who would say differently.

I still have an SB-3 that doesn’t work properly too…



These are the comments, that are totally legitimate. Lets hope it lives up to that hype we have established


Ive been wanting to see a modern styled yoyo from Tom Kuhn yoyo’s for a long time. So happy to see this come to creation!
I really hope I can get the chance to try one. It has a very elegant look to it that I love.


Mhm…why did they clip the horns?
Also, the engraving lacks the classy style of the SB2.