RSO x TK SB-Ti! Who got one?

Ed that it beautiful. I love the raw titanium but that just is striking.

I am also curious, when you say you set it to fixie mode. Just what that setup might be. What string and blank are you using? Is this the setup for you?


I used the yellow blank and some Zipline Prestige. Played great although super limited spin like any large diameter blank. I prefer it in unresponsive mode (again like most C bearing throws), but I also do a lot of integrated binds and regens with those yoyos. It’s a super ridiculously fun throw so far. A great homage imo but also just a neat thing in/of itself.


Well, I am certainly not the first person to buy a Ti Bullet.

But I probably am the first person to damage one.

The box was delivered before I left for work. So… I just took it to work with me.

During my 4pm break, I decided to do a quick unboxing and give it a throw.

‘Never move faster than you can think’.

Never throw a yo-yo without first checking the length of the string.

Do I practice what I preach? Hell no, lol

I got the yo-yo out of the box. Got the supplies string out of the zip lock bag. Put the string on the yo-yo. Put the other end on my finger. Wound up the yo-yo real nice. ( And TOTALLY paid zero attention to the length of the string).

When I threw my Bullet down that looooong string and Slammed it directly into the Concrete floor. It made a sound so loud that I bet Elvin thought he heard his phone ringing🙀

I almost wish it would have bounced high enough to hit me in the head. I think the yo-yo hates me now. Hahaha.

Totally my fault. The yo-yo still spins flawlessly vibe free. A compliment to both the material and the design.

No worries about when my first accident will happen.


great rule. I’ve almost been victim of the same thing throwing a yo-yo I bought from Rain City Skills that came with the string attached, the string ended up being taller than I was lol and I was fortunate enough to react in time to save it from the ground.


Does this yoyo capture the spirit of the 90s? Will 30 years from now if I throw this yoyo can it transport me back to that perfect summer? I’m on the fence about buying one…


It gets better… This shorter than my average story proves that you sometimes cant escape your destiny.

My SB Ti was scheduled for delivery, Wed. 19th. Before 8pm.

I work in the afternoon. So I leave for work about Noon.

At about 10am, a FedEx truck pulled up right in front of my house. I started to step out the front door and the driver ran up the steps next door. Then drove away.

I told my girl keep an eye out for another FedEx truck. I don’t want the clown delivering my mail to a neighbor again(not this $365 package at least).

…So I get in the shower and within a few minutes, my girl comes into the bathroom laughing. She said I just saved the day. She said she heard a truck and looked out. Our porch is about 15 steps above sidewalk level. So we have a nice view like a prison guard tower, sorta.

She sees the FedEx guy run up the stairs to the neighbor on the ‘other side of us. She sees the guy place a package on the porch and then run back down to the truck. She calls out to the guy, ‘Hey, what was the address on that package’? He said 749. She told him ‘we are 749’. The neighbor is 743.

Here is the really stupid funny part> The house next door was sold weeks ago to 4 Flippers. Nobody lives there They worked on the house:inside, outside, topside, bottom side… If they could have Magically levitated the house off the ground, they probably would have ironed the wrinkles out of the dirt😳

In the process of painting the entire outside of the house. They took the address placard down. There is NO number or numbers of any kind on the house. And the numbers painted on the edge of the curb are totally worn away by the scuffing of care tires. The only people there the last few days are the Landscape crew doing the outer dressings. They All look like a human crime wave. Not one of them speaks a lick of English. My girl said they were taking a break under the partial shade of the extended porch overhang. And they were all just staring at the package the guy just set down, like a bunch of hungry birds staring at one expensive and tasty worm.

The guy immediately realized he totally screwed up and snatched up the package From under the noses of the boys that thought for a fleeting moment that Christmas came early.

If my girl wasn’t on the ball, that package may have just ‘vanished’. I can’t prove the guys were crooks. One of them may have looked at the box and said, ‘Hey,this is next door mail’. I will never know.

But there is a reasonably decent chance I would have never even received the yoyo. And I would not have had it to take to work and accidentally slam it into the ground.

So… my yoyo mishap today ‘was my destiny’.

PS… First impression. The New Silver Bullet(to me) is probably the most power I have ever felt in this shape and especially at its’ weight. I have not even added the ring weights. Light yoyos should ‘feel light’ and play light. And you simply accept that.

This Ti Bullet has a solid feel. And it moves fast. The power is Amazing. I personally can’t see anything in the design that would obviously identify the reason this yoyo moves like it does.

This yoyo is not the shape I generally gravitate towards. I’m just more of a soft V kinda guy. Or even a harder V like the Ti Krown(superb yoyo).

But knowing how Elvin is just so far outside the box. I figured that if he was going to mess with updating the SB shape and play, he would end up pulling another rabbit out of his hat.

The specs blend into top shelf performance. The yoyo is beautiful. It feels great in the hand, on the throwdown and on the catch.

Even after smacking mine into concrete, it plays super smooth with No noticeable vibe. Kinda makes me wonder if it could have even spun better without my little concrete mishap.

…Do I think its’ performance justifies the High sticker price?

I can’t make the call on that. There are so many excellent yoyos at every price point. So, depending on how thick your wallet is. And how thick you like to keep it. It is just a personal decision.

If you are on a budget… don’t feel you will die screaming if you don’t/can’t get one.

If you are not on a budget and you feel compelled to build a nice collection of Ti yoyos.

Then this one should be calling out to you. It called out to me.

I’m glad I listened…


Lucky the parcel was intercepted, you could say you dodged a bullet! (Even though you wanted the opposite!)

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I appreciate that smacking it into concrete was more of an afterthought. Many would have led with that. As expensive as it is, you understand it’s just another fun distraction in the amusement park.


Hey guys! Finally, I have some time from my work / son to reply to this thread.

First and foremost, thank you to all who bought the SB-Ti! I am glad you guys are enjoying the yo-yo. Super hilarious stories and in-depth reviews here.

It was such a surreal experience when I got to speak to Dr Tom Kuhn himself. Still practicing dentistry, a job that requires a lot of dexterity, at his age. The write up on the RSO site was actually only about 60% of the material Dr Kuhn sent me. I had to cut the information down to focus on the SB-Ti. The #1 SB-Ti is with him.

I only made enough boxes, pins, bearing blanks etc. for this run of SB-Tis, so once this run is sold out the SB-Ti will not be seen in this limited edition form again. If you own one from this run, treasure it!

RSO has two planned releases coming up for the rest of the year - a titanium body-brass ring bimetal and a titanium with side effects. Can’t wait to share more with you all.


Exciting stuff here Elvin. Personally I really do love this one. I may treasure it but it won’t stop me from throwing the heck out of it. Great job with this, and the one that @edhaponik has is simply stunning.


REALLY looking forward to see a Ti with side effects!


Ti-Side Effects? Mecha Bapezilla.2 :scream::scream:??


Playing mine out of the box unresponsive with some Solo G-String for now, had to Dark Matter the bearing to quite it down. Plays smooth and quite now. Tomorrow I’ll give one of the bearing blanks a go for Fixed Axle Friday.


Take a toy to work day(held every weekday of the year):flushed:


I just now pulled the trigger on Holy Cow! A bit nervous as I just won an auction on ebay for an original silver bullet. I seem to have just started a yoyo collection.

Do you know how many of the Ti’s will be produced?


When they inevitably sell out, the answer will be “not enough”. – Master Po (Kung Fu, 1972)

* He may not have actually said that.
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Its actually right on the RSO website for release information… 72 Made










I just came across this on eBay. I’m confused. $300

What’s confusing you?

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The price… $300.
$365 From RSO or TK website.

Is this one of the new ones or did they previously run a Ti version?

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