ILYY Noctu???


Any reviews? Looks sick and a pretty original design. Just seeing how it plays. Thanks!


Google search. First result is a HSYY review.


cool man, thanks. its a little indirect but i guess i get the idea haha


I don’t know how YYE feels about linking directly to HSYY now that they don’t have a store, otherwise I’d just have given it to you.

Different size though. I don’t know if there are any reviews of the full size Noctu, though I’d bet the problem of ripping people’s hands to shreds may not have changed a lot.


Even with me loving ILYY, reading that review makes me not want that throw. The damage I’ve done with a plastic rounded edge is bad enough. :wink:

As Stookie said, the HSYY review is done on the lighter version (Only one run made in 2008). I would take a guess and think that the extra weight was added after they decided to prototype the Greyhound which then reached final production at 63.5 grams.

If you’re careful with your yoyos, the Noctu would surely stand out. ;D


Yeah the HSYY review is on the lighter (and smaller) Noctu. Never tried that one.

I have, however, owned 2 of the bigger ones.

Personally I’ve never literally tied a rock to a string, but I’d suspect it’d feel similar to the Noctu. It plays HEAVY. The sharp rims don’t help either - definitely don’t yoyo with it out in the cold :wink:

I found it was lacking in spin time, and just wasn’t that enjoyable to throw. Aesthetically, it’s amazing. The titanium color with the sharp lines and edges just make it look dangerous. And you feel dangerous when you throw it :stuck_out_tongue:

Truly if you’re looking to hunt some sabertooth cats, this is the yoyo to get. I read somewhere a member polished one (the lighter versions) so that the rims were razor sharp.

Due to its heft, and the natural ‘slippy’ nature of ILYY sILYYcone, binds weren’t the best.

Great yoyo, but not ‘$120 great’.


I actually liked it quite a bit, but I had scratches all over my arms from messed up body tricks. I wasn’t playing a stock one, so I cannot comment on the response, but I did not notice a lack in spin time for me.


And here my friend, is why reviews are an issue. It’s all about opinion in the end. There isn’t enough yoyo specs to explain the feel of a specific yoyo. Just gotta try it out!


thanks guys! but wait. whats the weight? 68 or 63? me and a buddy were arguing over this today


The one currently in stock on here is 68 grams