Tom Kuhn SB2

Are the SB2 worth it?
What about the pocket rocket?

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I own both and will always own both. That being said there are better options as far as playability than the SB2. YYF Confusion is similar and a much better playing yoyo. The pocket rocket “is what it is”. It’s a very small non butterfly bearing yoyo that is designed for tug return. Kind of fun but it wore off pretty fast.

But no one would think poorly of you if you bought them both. Lots of history in those yoyos.


It seems they still have a few different things available

You mean TK’s site? Good luck ordering and receiving anything from them… try eBay if you want an SB2.
I’ve even got 2 coming to a BST near you by tomorrow.
SB2 is worth owning. Great string feel and a real classic, the Pocket Rocket is trash compared to almost every mini that’s come out in the past 15 years.

So they might not actually have them… what happened?

I get an order like 4 months ago, one item didn’t arrive an got two of something else. Been emailing them since to get it sorted out, first week they said, “so sorry blah blah blah we’ll get this sorted right away, our fault…” here I am 4 months later I email almost weekly to see if they will reply. And the site isn’t likely to be accurate. They are a mess and I’ve had it with trying to buy anything new but there won’t be anything new anyways so…

Damn that’s a shame, I really wanted to get one and the price is nice on there.

Hey don’t take my word for it. But that was my experience last go around. Most recent email to them was less than a week ago and nothing. The order before that didn’t ship for over two weeks and came with excuses… I’ve got a SB2 + Pocket Rocket combo set that I’m gonna sell and a SB2 with satin rims, both mint in box. But again, you may have a totally different experience than I have.

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Well poo, ok I was hoping they would still have some, I can’t buy one rn I was hoping to wait till I got on my feet.
I’ve still not sold my dang Kraken

I think the TK No Jive 3-in-1 has a far more defensible place in modern yo-yoing… it’s still one of the absolute best wood axle yo-yos out there bar none.


Well I want to kinda stay with BB throws,

How many wood axle yoyos have you used, @codinghorror?

Probably ~10?

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Even though you don’t really want one, I’m going to send you one of mine when I can.