Is Tom Kuhn worth it?

I know it’s not the yoyo that makes the player, but the players skill that makes the player look good to his audience. With that I do still think that having something better than average will help you become better than average if you work and practice at it.

This leads me to my question a Tom Kuhn SB 2 is expensive, but highly reviewed. I have a Custom AXLerator that I do like but I feel I could do better at string tricks with a modified shaped yoyo. I am considering a Chain Reactor.

Would a Tom Kuhn SB 2 be genuinely worth the greater expense or would a Chain Reactor be just as much fun and deliver what I think it should, more success at string tricks.

Umm that yoyo is very old compared to what we have now. The new ones are greatly improved in their designs.

those are old time you should get one of the new yoyos like the m1,project,wedgie,bully,g5,888,skyline,peak,wooly marmot, wasabi,mary,lioplerodon,josy ann,x-convict,mini motu,dark magic,new breed, or ect.

First of all he’s looking for a good looper. Thats what an SB2 is.

I have one and I really don’t recommend it. Its not that good. If you are just looking for a great looper then I think you should try out the yoyojam’s sunset trajectory’s. Or yoyofactories loop 720’s. They are probably the best right now. Although I am having an awful lot of fun with my Yomega Raider EX’s!

Also did you get my message?

like anything, it’s worth it if it’s worth it TO YOU.

there are better loopers out there. honestly, there were better loopers out there even in 1998. the axlerator is actually a much more natural looper than the sb2. however, the sb2 is a great, versatile yo-yo, and though it’s ‘old time’ it’s definitely still ‘worth’ playing, and the adjustable gap is nice and any modified shape yo-yo will help you to clean up your yo-yoing.

as someone who’s ALL ABOUT challenging myself to improve by playing ‘less easy’ or ‘less modern’ yo-yo’s, the sb-2 is a fine choice. BUT you could get the same effect by spending a lot less. you could buy a renegade, which spencer berry and paul escolar and others used to create some of the tricks upon which NEARLY ALL of our current 1a is based. a duncan avenger or bumble bee would also be much less expensive and a comparable shape. you mentioned the chain reactor, which is ok, though i prefer the reactor WAY more.

i think it’s great that you’re looking to challenge yourself… you could always go for a legit challenge and throw wood. :wink:


… you could always go for a legit challenge and throw wood

My B C natural is my yo of choice.
What I am looking for is something in a modified shape that will give me longer sleeps than my Custom AxLerator. I can only get about 10 second sleeps from it and it’s a great looper, I am not looking for a better looper. I am looking for something that will give me longer sleeps. I also prefer a smaller yoyo because I have small hands (why I like my AXLerator so much), why I mentioned the Chain Reactor.

I think what I need to ask is… can I honestly expect to get more form something that coast $100 vs something that coasts $25?

I’m confused.

It sounds like you are looking for a 1a yoyo, but all the yoyos you have listed are loopers. What type of tricks are you looking to do with a new yoyo?

the sb-2 is substantially better (imo) than the chain reactor, but it does feel big in the hand. if i were you, i’d try to score one of of ebay. sb-2’s are always on the bay and generally sell for a lot less than 100. functionally, the sb-2 offers you an adjustable gap and better rim weight, which could potentially translate to better sleep times, but chain reactors are lighter, and sleep fine too with a nice clean bearing.

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I remember struggling with looping back when all I had was an SB2 and SB1 and I got a copy of YOYOTIMES and saw Don Duncan Jr. add for a wood axle take apart Proyo in which I ordered a pair of solid yellow and that was the key to my looping future. I still throw my brown SB2 and love it! I was noticing how much the original cold fusion feels like an SB2. SB2 has been in SPACE!

I’ve had an SB2 for 12 years now. It was my only good throw until fairly recently. It’s not an especially good looper, and it’s not an especially good 1A yo-yo either. It’s acceptable for both, but it doesn’t really stand out for either. It just oozes quality, though. The bearing is smooth as butter, and I can make it sleep almost twice as long as my Dark Magic (which is my only other “quality” yo-yo.) I suspect that’s because of the small bearing, the fact that there’s almost NO weight except at the edges, and that my 1998 vintage SB2 has no response system at all. The inside of the gap is smooth aluminum, so there’s nothing to cause any friction against the string.

The weight around the edge, small bearing, and modified H shape really drives me nuts, too. Since so little surface area hits your hand on the return, it can inflict some serious damage. It weighs a lot less than my DM, at 58g with the optional weights installed (measured on a digital scale), but it feels twice as heavy as the DM because of it’s tendency toward speed, and because of it’s slim profile.

If I were going to spend that kind of money on a yo-yo in 2009, I don’t think I would even be considering the SB2. It’s just not that great anymore. When I got mine in 1998, yes… Now, no… It might be a cool thing to play around with if you picked one up on e-bay for $30, but even then I wouldn’t want to use it as my primary throw. It really is an antique now.

Edit: I just re-read your second post in this thread… It really IS a good sleeper. If that’s your primary concern, you may want to check one out. Although, I still wouldn’t buy one at full price.


if u cant do many string tricks i would recomend leaning on cheaper yoyo so u could be better on sb

He is an adult and will buy whatever he wants. Its not about cheaper or better. Just longer sleep times. Thats all he wants.

I have an SB2 I’m willing to part with if you are interested in an old one. May need to clean it up since it does nothing but sit there.

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