rim weight backward...


Just got my ShaqlerStar in the mail and one of the rim weights is backward. Can I pop that off and turn it around without scratching it?


Could you post a pic?



Did you buy it new?


It’s new. Here is each side.




Well, I suppose you could pop it out, but I’m sure that would require a bit of muscle as I’m sure they are press-fit into place.

I think someone on the assembly like wasn’t paying as close of attention as they should have been.

I’d say if you must have it perfect, return and/or exchange it. It would be easier and safer.

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Popping them out is incredibly tough since they are most likely machine pressed. Putting them back in poses even more issues, because if you don’t get it perfect, it will vibrate very badly. I suggest talking to YoyoFactory about a replacement before you consider doing anything yourself.




I sent yoyoexpert.com an email. Maybe I can return it soon.


Don’t return it. Wait 23.453 years and it will be highly collectable.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a manufactering error like that.

Email YYF or YYE, I’m sure they’d be happy to replace it.


That’s pretty funny though.



It is pretty funny.

We can send you a new one. If you emailed yoyoexpert we will talk to them and fix you up.


That’s hilarious. I’d imagine it’d play exactly the same. Is there any vibe?

Wouldn’t think it’d stay in if the rings were press-fit, though. Ultrasonically welded, perhaps?


LOL, never thought of it that way. One of a kind!

It does have some vibe. But no more than my YYF Onestar. It’s an amazing yoyo even with the backward rim weight lol. Theres just a part of me that likes my yoyo’s to look perfect. I should probably concentrate on learning tricks more haha.


I would keep that, that’s actually pretty cool.


Well someone wasnt paying attention lol…

Thats pretty cool. Never seen anything like that.

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Do it

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You might be able to talk yyf into letting you keep that one and sending you a new one. I hear they’re pretty nice.


I can tell you otherwise…