Want to Sell/Trade YYF Mint Shaqler Star

There are some small marks on the yoyo that came with it from the factory while it was being machined/packaged but they are hardly noticeable

Its in the same condition it was in when I took it out of the box

There is a small rip in the box its self but no damage to the yoyo I can ship it in the origanal YYF box if you would like. This yoyo has never been unscrewed (I know some people out there dont like throws that have been unscrewed) This yoyo comes with a kk Bearing but I can include a regular speed bearing if you would like.If you want to trade me a yoyo of higher value than The Shaqler Star Ill gladly throw in a YYF Multi Tool and some string/stickers/bearings to even out the price.

Im not looking for anything really so if you have something you would like to offer please do so and Ill say deal or no deal

And yes this is my first time using the B/S/T so if Im doing something wrong pleas point it out to me Im fine with shipping first if your a trustorthy forum member with higher feed back then me

Heres a pic of the throw

Bump! ;D :smiley: :wink: :wink: :slight_smile: Pls PM me

Bump-Bump-bump-bump-buuuuuuuuump (its amusicle)



Just traded my shaqler star for a plastic severe! These shaqs are well liked by most people