[s]I have a Mint (Has a small scuff that is barely noticeable) YYF Regen (All Black first run), A YYF Shaqler edition Northstar with a few love marks for Trade (will sell too). I will also throw in a beat Speedaholic and about 50-60 unused Kitty String to sweeten the deal.

The Regen is near mint and has not been dinged/scratched but has one small scuff that is barely noticable. There is minimal vibe which is common in plastics, but nothing that affects play. The bearing has been broken in and is fairly silent for a CTX bearing.[/s]

The Regen has been traded

The Shaqler Northstar does have a scratch (shown in the pictures) but it does not affect play. This yoyo does have a vibe to it, but again does not affect play. The bearing is louder then the Regen’s but still a stable and long spinner.

The Shaqler has been sold

The freebe Speedaholic is a little beat, has a lot of vibe (but it was like that when I bought it, use did not add the vibe). And the side stickers have been removed as they were starting to peel off.

The Speedaholic has been traded

The freebe string is roughly 60ish Unused Kitty Normal in Neon Green that I do not use anymore as I have switched to YYSL Type X Inverse (lefty string).

The bonus string went with the shaqler

Link to Pics

WANTS: (Cosmetic blemishes are cool, as long as it doesn’t affect play or add vibe)
OD Gradient
OD Chik
YYF Shutter
YYF Horizon
or make an offer as there might be other yoyos I would love to try out but not aware of yet.
or $30 cash (Shipping and PayPal fee included in that price, negotiable)

*edited for typos and I had the regen miss-labeled as a prototype but its just its first run, sorry.




These are just starting prices, you can negotiate if you are interested lol

Can a mod archive this post? I have traded everything in it.