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ok i have green dv888 well love has 2 skuffs showen in the pics smooth on the string and has a slight vibe on grinds.has ct in it atm can switch out for a flat bearing if wanted.

next is a SB b grade bassalope mint smooth on the string its b-grade because it vibes on grinds.

well loved DMv1 some dings and scratches on the rims theres no vibe worst of the damage is in the pics.has a kk in it atm can switch it for a flat bearing if wanted.

wooly marmot from the last run 28 stories edition has a scuff on both hubs that you can hardly see and can not feel supper smooth and the string and on grinds.

b-grade KYO Dns half red/half black mint played with for a half hour just did not realy like it smooth on the string and on grinds it b-grade for the tiny ano flaw that can hardly be seen in the pic or when your holding it.

all of these yo-yo will come with the bearings deshielded and cleaned/lightlubed

string theory-quark/singularity
crucial-half and half
anything reasonable

looking for close to mint yo-yos for these light scuffs or scratches are not a big deal but i dont want any thing with major vibe

plz pm with offers i will not respond to replys in this post



bump added 28 stories marmot and b-grade dns

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xconvict for anything


Bump marmots back up for trades

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